Corporate London Photography

Corporate London Photography offers professional and friendly headshot services for entrepreneurs and business professionals, enhancing their professional presence at events and engagements.

Corporate London Photography Corporate London Photography Corporate London Photography

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Prices starting from £100 per hour
London and surrounding area


Corporate London Photography is becoming increasingly sought after by entrepreneurs and business professionals who recognize the importance of professional headshots for corporate use, podcasts, speaking engagements, and pro-bono work. This service stands out by attending events, offering attendees dressed for success the chance to leave with a high-quality headshot captured by a professional photographer. They are known for their friendly and professional approach, focusing on delivering clients' desired images efficiently and affordably, making it an ideal choice for enhancing one's professional presence. 

Key features:

  • Quick turnaround
  • quality photographs
  • relaxed photoshoot

Price breakdown

Price per session

£100 per hour for headshots for your event

Additional costs

Minimum of 4 hours

Event images



"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Claire to anyone looking for professional corporate portrait photography in London and the South East. Claire had a very good manner with our ‘models’ – some of whom were a little nervous about having their photos taken."

Craig Harrison, Head of Brand & Comms at Walker Crips