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Venue Review: Clerkenwell & Social

It's all very well getting a bartender to mix a few drinks together and call it a cocktail. But that's not what Clerkenwell & Social is about. They're into infusions. And now, so are we.

There's a lot of lingo bounding about at the moment, offering variations on the word 'fusion' - Korean-Mexican fusions ('korexican') being an absolute classic. But infusion cocktails are no gimmick or new-fangled concept. Infusion is a technical process that's as old as tea.

The Fusion

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The technique involves a spirit being slowly infused with a herb, spice, fruit or even a vegetable.

Clerkenwell & Social's Spicy Gin Cocktail, for example, has multiple layers of falvour created by days of infusive preparation.

'The chilli and the paprika are there to tantalize your taste buds, the Gin and the Suze Liqueur comes after giving the herbal notes up until the gentle finishing of the lemon combined with tarragon.'

Clerkenwell & Social's obsession with high-quality experiences is reflected in their cocktails but isn't limited to them - it is palpable throughout this brand new London bar.


Minutes from Farringdon Station, the bar is enclosed in a courtyard of trees, with strong influences from Italy, its alfresco set-up also evoking some serious San Fransisco vibes.

They're constantly creating homemade bitters and syrups for their cocktails, and carry this homemade spirit through to their Italian inspired menu, where you'll find arancini alongside BBQ chicken wings.

The Farringdon Station

They've also imaginatively involved literary themes throughout the interior of the venue, with neon quotes, paper draws and hanging books that dangle from the ceiling.

clerkenwell social bowles

The venue can be hired out for a variety of private events, because you can take over the entire place exclusively, or hire the first floor as a separate function room.

This versatility means that it's ideal for corporate events, Christmas parties and private events too. And, given its prime location, your guests are guaranteed to be able to get there with minimal effort.

The Christmas parties

To enquire about Clerkenwell & Social for your event, just get in touch at hirespace.com.

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