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How To Discover Crucial Information About Your Venue

Great news! Venues signed up to Hire Space now have even more control on converting bookings, with our all-new Analytics Dashboard. To access the Analytics Dashboard, all venue managers need to do is to log in at venues.hirespace.com. Here you'll be able to keep track of page views, bookings and your venue's overall performance on the Hire Space website. We asked two Hire Space venue and event managers to test drive the dashboard and report back on their findings...

Museum of London Docklands

button at Museum of London Docklands

Laura Johnson, sales and events executive at Ampersand and Museum of London Docklands

"I'm not the most 'techy' person, but I found using the dashboard really, really easy. Everything was clearly laid-out and all the statistics were more or less explained. I like how neat it looked and how all the data tied together nicely and followed a process.

"The information available on the Analytics feature was definitely useful. It's really interesting to compare page views with enquiries and bookings. Getting more bookings is 100% down to how much a venue manager puts in, and monitoring what is working is really very important.

"I think the dashboard will encourage a stronger relationship between Hire Space and venues. It'll be a good way of monitoring how bookings are progressing. Hopefully, looking at this feature will become a part of my regular marketing review. I log in to Hire Space as a venue perhaps quarterly, but this should really encourage me to log in weekly, if possible.

"I would absolutely recommend the dashboard to other venue and event managers. I think you get out as much you put in as a venue manager, and so it's great to see the results from putting your venue out there. Marketing a venue is so much more tangible in the digital age, so it's important to monitor the results with a tool like the Analytics Dashboard."

Whitechapel Gallery

Button at Whitechapel Gallery

Ali Gannage-Addison Atkinson, events manager at Whitechapel Gallery

"The Analytics Dashboard is really clear and easy to use and is a fantastic tool for seeing return on your venue's marketing. In terms of other venue hire companies, no one else offers anything like this.

"It's really useful to have the comparison to other venues and to see how well your venue's page is performing compared to others. It was really interesting to know the enquiry amount, too. We're keen to see high value enquiries, so it's good to know how that's working out. It'll be great to monitor progress and hopefully increase our conversion rate on bookings.

"I'll try and check in on the Analytics page monthly. We put together a weekly marketing report, so it would be great to combine this with the data we already collect on our venue's performance.

"The Analytics Dashboard is a fantastic idea. Other websites and venue hire companies charge more for their services and there's little to no proof on what you're getting in return. Nobody is doing anything like this and it's a great tool for tracking and keeping on top of enquiries."

What is Hire Space?

Hire Space helps customers find and book exciting venues for free. We'll put your venue in front of the thousands of people looking to book space online every day.

We list all kinds of spaces - from conferences to workshop spaces, rooftop bars to banqueting venues. List your venue for free and our team can help make your profile stand out and help you find bookings. Be seen by over 100,000 people a month, from individuals to the world's biggest companies.

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By Laura Richards.


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