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Enquiries can be unsuitable at a venue for a number of reasons. Lack of availability, incompatible production requirements, or simply, your space is just too big or small for the client's guest numbers.

Rather than turning the client away, why not introduce them to our Venue Experts at Hire Space who can help? In return, we will let you know once they find their perfect venue on Hire Space, so you can redeem rewards and spend them however you wish!

How This Works

Send us any unsuitable enquiries to, just make sure it includes your contact details alongside the client's contact and event details.

  • We'll email you back once we've received your referred enquiry.
  • We'll contact you again when the client finds a perfect venue.
  • You will earn £10 for every £1,000 the client plans to spend for their event at the time of confirmation.
  • You can redeem what you earned either in John Lewis Gift Cards, or in credit notes for future commission payments to Hire Space.
Need help?

Need help?

Write to our wonderful Community Support team at and we promise to help you get up to speed in no time!