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Meet the Team at London's Most Unique Conference Venue

Bounce is known for being The Home of Ping Pong! Founded on the very land where Jean Jaques invented the game in its first form back in 1901. What started as a social space, housing a Gin palace bar and 17 Ping Pong tables, ethically sourced menu items in its restaurant; Bounce quickly became the pioneer in social entertainment venues across London for corporate events, changing the landscape as we know it for a work social. As Bounce Farringdon enters its 7th year we wanted to dive into what really makes those Private events tick and the team behind Bounce’s ever growing success!

Besides the obvious amenities; a cocktail bar and mixologist, UV Lighting, Karaoke booths, selfie pods and a space large enough for 120 guests to enjoy 3 Ping Pong tables (Including 1 Wonderball table), the real jewel in the crown is your specialist events co-ordinator who runs and plans your event at the venue.


Taymina & Rebecca have over 10 years of experience in planning and running events. Since January 2018 they have overseen the successful delivery of over 500 events! Running everything from small board meetings of 20 guest’s right through to 500 guest exclusive venue hires and everything in between!
We wanted to dive into their time at Bounce and see why what they do makes the events industry and a corporate booking at Bounce so special!

Q. What is your favourite type of event to plan and run at Bounce Farringdon?

Rebecca - Conferences with breakout sessions and socials worked into the day! It’s great to see peoples surprise when they come into a conference space with a bit of a difference and then we they get the added bonus of having some fun on a company away day playing ping pong. You can see the morale boost guests get from when they first walk in to the smiles they have during the event.

Q. Which menu item could you eat for days?

Taymina - From the events all in packages, hands down, it has to be the Teriyaki Salmon skewers! They are unreal as a canape option and coupled with Pizza, the perfect appetizer.

Q. What is the best time of the event to be a part of?

Taymina - When guests reach that late point in the evening to take themselves to the karaoke (with some Dutch courage) – without a doubt, THE most entertaining part of the evening to be a part of.

Q. What’s the best part about being an Events Co-ordinator at Bounce?

Rebecca - Building up rapport with clients and working with them throughout their journey planning the event and the satisfaction once the event is complete and successful. Sometimes the events with the most changes, site visits, back and forth emails are the best ones.

Q. Weirdest request you have been asked to provide & managed to pull off?

Rebecca – we worked with a client called Badaboom and they needed 6 portable bars installed throughout the venue with working draught kegs. Another client we had to source and fit a bright pink drinks fridge filled with their brand of cider and a fake apple tree into the private room!

Q. What is the best event you have ever run and why?

Taymina - PWC - 200 people conference with lots of breakout sessions which they were rotating throughout the venue working on different exercises. We had a great games guru session in one section with beat the robot and a huge game of around the table with 40 people playing. It was great to see everyone using the whole space of the venue and looked like a very successful team building day.


Bounce leaves no stone unturned when it comes to your booking! With a belief that no two bookings are the same and your guests deserve the highest quality experience in social entertainment, Bounce leads the way.

Want to provide your guests with a unique social entertainment experience? book an event at Bounce now with our Venue Experts


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