Without fail, the New Year ushers in a tacit wave of disappointment. Everything is exorbitantly expensive, your resolutions are probably doomed, and your midnight-kiss hope has gone AWOL.

But this year, Hire Space is here to help. By picking one of these marvellous venues for the New Year's Eve fireworks, you can celebrate with panache, privacy, and people you actually like. We can't guarantee you'll get kissed, but we do promise an unforgettable night.

1. Skyloft

button at Skyloft

If for you New Year's Eve is all about getting up close to the fireworks - oooing and ahhing at the multicoloured clouds - then you've got to hire Skyloft.

Without a doubt, this warehouse-style space has the best view of the display outside of the airborne helicopters, as it looks out directly over Westminster and the London Eye. Huddle up with your friends, clink your glasses, and become entranced by a panorama of colour.

2. HMS President 1918

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If you want to be outside and feel the pulse of the fireworks, but not be elbowed by the mob that congregates in Westminster, then the The HMS President is for you.

On the Upper Deck of this decommissioned anti-submarine Q-ship, you can be out in the open without being open to outsiders. And, with a capacity of 350, you can hand-pick your invites to maximise your chances of a midnight kiss.

3. The Balcony at The Globe

button at The Globe

With a view of the New Year's Eve fireworks but far from the noise of the explosions, The Balcony at The Globe offers the perfect balance between excitement and calm.

Beautifully perched on the tip of the Thames, the explosions are more like snaps, crackles and pops from the distance of this serene balcony. Invite close friends for an intimate dinner, and usher in the new year with dignity and peace.

4. The London Dungeon

button at The London Dungeon

The London Dungeon has to be the closest possible venue to the fireworks display. Here you can enjoy a corporate or social dinner in the spooky surroundings of this intriguingly unusual venue.

And, when the firework extravaganza begins, you can casually pop outside and be on the doorstep of one of the greatest shows on earth.

5. The Deck at The National Theatre

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This, however, is possibly the best. When you hire The Deck at The National Theatre you hire the whole London skyline. The stunning panorama is never out of sight you due to translucent walls, and expansive open doors allow you to casually wander between the inside warmth and outside atmosphere.

The unique bonus of this easily surveyable space is that it could also help you spot and syphon off your midnight-kiss candidates, giving you the best chance of starting the New Year with romantic flair.

To hire one of these venues for the London New Year's Eve fireworks, or to hire any other London venue, visit Hirespace.com.