London is a city full of tremendous venues with equally impressive views. While we can all name the obvious tourist attractions, there are also a number of lesser known sights worthy of attention. James Roche brings you three such spaces in this week’s blog. He was planning on featuring his Pimlico flat as one of our alternative venues but we had to say no – the sight of an elderly man in the flat opposite practising yoga in the nude was not what we had in mind. Anyway, here we go: three London venues with great views!

WWT London Wetland Centre

Button WWT London Wetland Centre

I always find it a challenge trying to capture the magic of our venues within just a few short paragraphs but when you consider all the terrific spaces on offer at the WWT Wetland Centre, my task is near impossible.

Where to begin? Do I devote my time to describing the beautiful split-level observatory overlooking the stunning Main Lake – an ideal venue for drinks receptions, networking sessions, wedding and civil partnership ceremonies? Or do I write a little bit on the intimate meeting rooms available for hire? You couldn’t possibly leave out the Water’s Edge or Wetland Living rooms either!

Regardless of which space you decide to go with, the WWT Wetland centre provides unique rooms with phenomenal views of the surrounding wildlife oasis. WWT Wetland Centre is also a charity organisation and by holding your event with them, you will be directly contributing to the global conservation of wildlife and wetland's habitats.

Bold Tendencies Car Park

Button Bold Tendencies Car Park

Be bold, be brave and be smart when selecting your next venue – this place ain’t no ordinary car park.

Based on Levels 7-10 of a multi-storey car park on Rye Lane, Peckham, the Bold Tendencies Car Park has two spaces available for hire. Home of London's Summertime favourite Frank's Cafe, the rooftop is available for hire for one-off filming and photography bookings for the remainder of the month. Thereafter, the space will be made available for a resident pop-up business.

Floor 9 is home to the unique and wonderful Straw Bale Theatre – another highly popular and sought after space, perfect for private presentations, events and filming/photography sessions.

This is a prime venue in an ultra-trendy part of London, so make sure you contact us today for further details on both spaces!

Altostratus Penthouse

Button Altostratus Penthouse

With rates starting at just 250 pounds for a four hour amateur stills shoot for up to four persons, this venue is ideal for any aspiring model, photographer or Aussie aiming to convince friends back home that they live in a plush pad and not a share-house in Fulham. I guess what I am trying to say is that no matter what your reasoning or purpose, this venue is pure class.

A spectacular 29th floor contemporary penthouse with roof terrace in Central London, Altostratus is one of our most stylish and contemporary spaces.

Are you after a plush riverside pad with views of each of London’s top landmarks? Look no further than Altostratus Penthouse.

We don't know how we did it but we managed to narrow down our list to three superb venues. For more information on these or any of our other fantastic spaces, be sure to check out our website.