We know what you're thinking. You've played basketball, you've given baseball a crack and are considering trying your hand at cricket but there's one sport beginning with 'b' that you'd like to cross off your list first: badminton. Hire Space's resident sporting expert James Roche takes you through three top badminton court spaces available for hire. Whether you're a novice, pro or somewhere in between, these venues will supply exactly what you're after!

Sports Hall at Harrow Club

Button Sports Hall at Harrow Club

For a venue steeped in history, uniquely located and spacious enough to house three badminton courts (anyone keen for some round-robin action?), look no further than the iconic sports hall at Harrow Club.

Built in 1883, the Harrow Club was constructed using donations from Old Harrovians and provides great programmes and activities for the area's youth, making it one of our top community spaces.

The Sports Hall is a commanding space which, at 25.5 x 16.5 meters, has the capacity for 130 guests and is perfect for sports, dance recitals or as an events venue.

Not sure where to stand within this massive hall? Don't worry - all three badminton courts are fully marked. The venue is also complete with markings of a 5-a-side football pitch, full-sized basketball court, three short tennis courts and a volleyball court, making it one of the city's top multi-purpose sports halls.

Oasis Academy Coulsdon

Button Oasis Academy Coulsdon

If you thought modern, world-class facilities were only made available to supreme athletes, then you obviously haven't paid a visit to the Oasis Academy, Coulsdon.

Opened in 2011, the Academy has undergone an £18.7m rebuild with spaces available for hire within and outside of school hours.

Besides its magnificent sports centre, the Oasis Academy also features a studio and superb atrium with bleacher-style seating (if you think your match is likely to draw a crowd). And if you are happy swapping shuttlecocks for falafel balls and roast potatoes, I'm sure you could even play in the spacious dining room if you wanted to. Or perhaps not ...

Haverstock School

Button Haverstock School

"What is Haverstock School?"

"A bright, modern community school with state-of-the-art facilities in the heart of Camden.""

"Correct! You are the Jeopardy champion! First prize is a game of badminton at one of the many outstanding spaces on offer at the prestigious venue mentioned!"

A little lost after reading my imaginary gameshow scenario? (I really watch too much TV). Well, you don't need to be a Jeopardy champion, badminton champion or a combination of both to cash in on the terrific facilities available for hire at Haverstock School. From drama and dance studio spaces to its all-weather pitch and badminton-friendly halls, this venue really delivers on all things sport.

There we have it. I think it is now clear: JR knows a thing or two about sport and a whole lot about sporting venues. For more information on these or any of our other fantastic spaces, visit Hire Space