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Take Team-Building To New Levels At TOCA Social

With January just around the corner, every team lead knows we're approaching the new year's slump... With motivation waning, and the coldest months of the year ahead, there's only one way to shake off the winter blues - it's time to plan a team social to kick-start the quarter!

If you're looking to get your team into the swing of the new year, we've got the perfect place up our sleeve - introducing TOCA Social, the interactive activity venue that's taken London by storm! With digitally-driven football games, and great food and drink to boot, this venue's a top scorer for getting your team fired up. Here's why it's perfect for your next team event!

It's got fantastic activities on tap

There's nothing like a bit of healthy colleague rivalry to melt away the ice, and with TOCA Social's fun, interactive football challenges, everyone can get in on the action, from taking shots at the goals to taking bets on the winners! With a range of games to choose from, and plenty of games boxes to host the whole company, there's no shortage of entertainment to be had at this venue!

Step up to the screen (no kit needed - pro boots are provided by the venue) and take your turn to prove yourself as your company's Beth Mead. This is a venue where legends are made, and impressive (or not so impressive) escapades go down in company history, so put your best foot forward!

Got some team members who aren't fans of a kick-around? Not a problem - there's table football, photo booths, and plain old comfy booths to hang out in and catch up with colleagues over a drink while others in the team battle it out. There's something to suit all tastes, but we'd be prepared to bet that everyone will want to have a go at the goal when their turn rolls round!

football challenges
table football
Left: Interactive football challenges; Right: Table Football

It has fun, unique event spaces

The last thing anyone wants for a kick-off or team-building event is to spend the day in a stuffy boardroom. Luckily, TOCA Social's decor is as far from a corporate classroom as possible, with funky, colourful furniture designed to get everyone engaged and feeling energised.

With a range of great event spaces, from the exclusive Executive Boxes to the lavish Players' Lounge, you'll find the perfect location for your event in this pitch-perfect spot. And if you're planning on incorporating a business aspect to your event, the spaces at TOCA Social are equally well-equipped for company updates and kick-offs - before you move to the real kick-off spaces, of course!

main space
corner bar
Left: Main Space; Right: Corner Bar

It boasts great food and drink

TOCA Social isn't just a fun spot for a footie-themed hangout - it's also host to a fantastic bar and restaurant, which serve up delicious modern Americana-themed fare dreamed up by a Michelin-trained chef. From the classic burger and fries (opt for the 'bouji' version for a taste of decadence!), to tasty corn fritters, chicken wings and more, you'll fill up on the perfect food to shake the January blues far away!

Meanwhile, the cocktails are as tasty as they are witty (with names like The Floor Is Guava' and 'The Equaliser'), and the 'TOCAzade' is designed to keep you in tip-top playing condition - or at least make you feel that way! With the bar on the same floor as the games, there's plenty of opportunity to keep the drinks flowing, and keep your team off the bench!

Plus, if you're in need of a quick sugar fix after putting yourself through your paces in the games, the venue boasts its own unique Willy Wonka-inspired dessert room! Food, drinks, and delicious desserts? Now that's what we call a hat-trick!

women eating
TOCA's tasty menu

It's location goals!

TOCA Social is located in the O2 Greenwich, with great transport links and fantastic amenities nearby. Ideal for both London-based teams and those from further afield, it's an iconic spot for a team social, and a perfect place to 'pitch' your new quarter's goals to your colleagues!

Found the perfect spot to kick off your away day or team-building social? Book your team social or away day at TOCA Social today to score points with your team, and get the new year off to a flying start!

Haven't found quite the right spot yet? Have a browse of our other top away day venues to find your perfect match.


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