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A great venue is crucial for any creative product launch. Here we share our favourite ideas from our most unique locations. Need more inspiration? Just ask.

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EventLAB Series: The Future of Events

Last week we held our first teaser event ahead of EventLAB in October, where we welcomed a stellar panel of influential event professionals to discuss the future of the events industry. So, for anyone that couldn’t make it, we've rounded up the highlights so you’ll almost feel like you were there or you can watch the full video here . The Panel (from left to right): * Caleb Parker

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Venue Review: Somerset House

We have the Duke of Somerset to thank for the ever-impressive Somerset House , with its Doric and Ionic columns that signalled a return to the classical style in the 1500s. The self-appointed Duke – the uncle of young King Edward VI – completed the construction of the mansion between the Thames and The Strand in 1551. He was then executed for treason the following year. (For unrelated reasons, incidentally.) Over the following centuries,

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Blank Canvas Venues

Venue Review: The Pickle Factory

In a small corner of Tower Hamlets lies The Pickle Factory , directly opposite its sister venue, Oval Space. The converted warehouse has quite a history, having started life as a pickle factory (hence the name) in the heart of London’s East End, followed by a stint as a medical supplies storage facility and since 2013, it has been an unlikely but highly successful spot for a dedicated music venue. Nestled in Be

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