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Unique Venue of the Month: Carousel

I don't know about you, but when I visit a venue, one of the main things on my mind is the food. Bowl food, canapés, full-blown meals or little treats - it's my favourite part of events. And it's important: heart-meltingly delicious cuisine can catapult any venue to the top-end of London's sought-after spots.

If the venue is beautiful, and the food's that good, you might just have one of London's most special venues. Welcome to Carousel.


Carousel's name (and genius) comes from a simple and novel idea: the venue invites world-famous chefs to write a bespoke menu and be the resident cook. Some stay for a few days, some stay for a couple of months.

Consequently, not only is the standard higher than most restaurants could ever dream of, but the venue is also constantly reinvigorated with new personalities, flair and ideas.


The idea was cooked up by four cousins, Ollie, Will, Ed and Anna. Together, they've fused the idea of pop-ups and a permanent place of residency, and in doing so they're offering the exciting, experimental and innovative spirit of pop-ups with the sustained commitment of a four-course meal.


So far chefs have included Javier Rodríguez, the chef from Copenhagen's restaurant Noma, which is habitually rated the best restaurant in the world. Rodríguez gives you an idea of the quality of chefs they're bringing in.

 Copenhagen's restaurant

But the venue itself - industrial, rustic, minimal - is turning heads too. Carousel provides the bare beauty for an event planner to add their own splash of personality - much in the spirit that drives Carousel's culinary concept.


The venue is comprised of three main spaces:

  • The Kitchen, on ground-level, ideal for food demonstrations, team-building exercises and workshops;

  • The Downstairs Room, with it's own private entrance, perfect for private dining and weddings;

  • The Upstairs Room, regularly booked up for product launches.

That kind of versatility - from corporate and business events to intimate dinners and weddings - is what is making Carousel so successful. There are a lot of excited event-planners ready to become a part of the carousel.


To enquire about Carousel, or any other venue, get in touch at hirespace.com.


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