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Plan Your Event to a Tee at Puttshack

If you haven’t heard about Puttshack yet, then we’re here to fill you in on the most exciting new venue opening this summer.

Part of the Westfield London expansion, Puttshack’s has taken up residence in White City and is on a mission to elevate the humble game of mini-golf.

Westfield London

It’s a far cry from the memories of family holidays playing on courses that have seen better days, and inevitably arguing over the score and who’s managed to cheat. At the heart of Puttshack is the patented technology that turns traditional mini-golf into something pretty spectacular.

The new social entertainment concept comprises of four courses of nine holes, each one is an immersive experience inspired by computer, arcade and fairground games, new and old.

Fairground games

The technology facilitates automatic point scoring, leaderboards and gameplay. Basically, it tracks your ball throughout the game (so long scorecards and tiny pencils) using Trackaball tech.

Essentially, the ball knows everything. It knows who it belongs to, how many times it’s been hit, how far it has moved, how well you're doing and even how well you've done on previous visits. The scoring system also means you can go up against as many people as you want.

Trackaball tech

Scoring works in a slightly different way at Puttshack, with the highest number winning. You'll get points for the fewest shots and you'll also get the opportunity to earn bonuses with 'Super Tubes' and bonuses or lose points with 'Hazards'. Sounds complicated but your trusty ball will tot everything up as you go.

And, it doesn't stop there, every course also includes an interactive prize wheel, where you can win anything from a pizza or a round of drinks to a big cash prize.


The venue itself has a capacity of 750 which can be hired exclusively including the four courses (and plenty of room for dancing). There are also a number of semi-private areas and courses that can be hired in various combinations for 25-100 people.

hired exclusively

When you've tired yourself out with trick shots, there's plenty of food and drink on offer to replenish those energy resources. There's an impressive island bar serving an equally impressive list of rum, and a menu designed for sharing including sourdough pizzas and popcorn chicken.

Ideal for team building or away days, Christmas parties or just general merriment. Your event is sure to be a hole in one at Puttshack.

Contact our Venue Experts to book your next event at Puttshack


Amy Stroud

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