As a keen advocate for your venue, you might wonder about your profile's marketing exposure from time to time. Our Community Support team have compiled some top tips to help you optimise your venue profiles for customers.

Big Q: Is My Venue Profile Published?

Head to, where customers carry out their venue searches.

Click the green Search button on our homepage and then click More Filters.

Run a search using the Venue Name filter and click Show Results.

Venue Name Search Filter Page

Example using the venue Will's Studio

Venue Name Search Results Page

Will's Studio comes up top

If your venue comes up, you can rest assured that it's currently live for customer searches. If not, email us at and we'll get you up to speed in no time.

How to target a specific types of events? E.g. Meetings

Include many keywords in your venue and space descriptions, in complete sentences.

Overview Descriptions

For example if you want customers to find you when searching for meeting venues, include the keyword meeting in your description fields

Space Descriptions

...And your space descriptions

Minimise your response time to new enquiries. The faster your responses are, the better your search ranking will be! :)

Our search function not only looks at descriptions and response time, but also hundreds of other metrics from historical enquiries to venue capacity. An Advanced Profile Consultation service which looks at optimising page ranking on Hire Space is accessible to Hire Space Prime venues. If you have questions about this upgrade, just email us at and we'll give you the down low. No strings attached.