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Four of London's Pet-Friendly Venues

If you are the type of person who brings their furry friend everywhere, then you are going to fall in love with these pet-friendly venues!

Why leave your best friend at home when they can enjoy the day with you? Pets are people too, right?

The genius who decided to open venues that are animal friendly was just that, and now we are spreading the word on London's top four.🐾

1. Garden at Alebrijes

Garden space at Alebrijes

The Garden space at Alebrijes will be the perfect environment for your pooch, and for you, too. This Mexican bar and lounge in the center of Chelsea is perfect for cocktail parties, drink receptions and your dog's birthday party.

Their garden and lounge hold up to 80 standing-we are unsure of how many sitting.

2. The Bermondsey Square Hotel

The Bermondsey Square Hotel

"Four legged friends are very welcome at The Bermondsey Square Hotel and we strive to make their stay as memorable at their owners! B2 is proud to be a pet friendly hotel in London and we'll always make every effort to ensure your pooch is pampered!"


3. MEATliquour Diner at QUEENS

MEATliquour Diner at QUEENS

This iconic ice rink and bowling alley will provide the fun you and your pet are looking for. QUEENS not only has their 12,000ft indoor ice rink but also Go-Karting on ice, retro arcade games, and more. This one stop shop has it all, and are very dog friendly! Just watch out they don't get their paws on the delicious food you will be eating.

4. The Holly Bush

The Holly Bush on a summer's day

This pub has a history of loving their four-legged guests! Summers of offering free dinner for your pooches has taken place here! And they're still as welcoming as ever.

To check out more venues, continue here.


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