At Hire Space we work with a huge variety of suppliers from across the events industry, from catering, to AV and team-building. Finding amazing venues for our clients' events is just the start, so we're always excited to see what's new in the supplier world.

One in particular that we've just started working with is a company called Jericho, that specialise in 'extraordinary' and 'immersive' team-building experiences.


Jericho provide client engagement that is slightly more unusual, that companies may not have tried before. Something that takes people on a journey and gives them an exhilarating experience in an area they weren’t expecting, such as boxing, TV presenting or Kung-Fu.


What makes the company a little bit different is the way the experiences are put together. Jericho partner with professionals in these various fields, who then actually lead the sessions, giving clients an authentic experience, that is a far-cry from an awkward ice-breaker game.


All the experiences are designed to help deepen and strengthen the bond between colleagues whilst challenging individuals and also making sure they're having fun at the same time, because fun is all-important.

Fun time

There are currently four types on offer:

  • Boxing: An insight into the pressure cooker of world championship boxing. Understand the mindset and preparation from training through to winning, trying a little of everything along the way before stepping into the ring with an ex World Champion and seeing how far you’ve come...

  • Newsroom: Be coached by famous past and current news/weather presenters, producers and stylists until it’s your turn to step into their shoes in the studio, feeling the adrenaline rush of a live news environment...

  • Kung Fu: Two Kung Fu Masters with 60 years’ experience combine practices from the East and the West, teaching mental focus and physical balance, strengthening mind and body. This is Kung Fu, but not as you know it...

  • Battles: Follow in the footsteps of Cromwell and Fairfax on the battlefields of Naseby, with one of Europe’s foremost Battlefield Guides talking and walking you through the battle decisions which led to the conclusion of the English Civil War. Try out battle formations and fire a 17th century musket with our professional re-enactor, helping bring the story to life.

Jericho also has a top-secret fifth experience under development, so watch this space.

And if you need any more convincing, take a look at what one of their clients thought:

"For anyone looking to take their clients away for a day's bonding I can heartily-recommend Jericho Extraordinary Experiences. Totally different to the traditional corporate golf day or sporting event and a lot more memorable and engaging - the group loved it.”
Robin Hutchison - Director, Square in the Air

So if you'd like to find out more head on over to their website