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Here's How Hire Space Finds Such Amazing Venues

Having a back catalogue of over 2000 unique venues is no mean feat, but at Hire Space we pride ourselves on scouting out the most amazing locations the UK has to offer. Here's how we make the magic happen.

Social Media

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At Hire Space, we love a bit of social media. Not only is it a great way for us to connect with customers, but it's also a brilliant method for hunting out some of the most unique venues making waves within online communities. Most businesses have a social media presence these days, and venues are no exception. We look out for chatter on Twitter and find what's buzzing on Facebook and G+. London's hottest new venues connect with us directly on Twitter (@hirespace) or follow us on Facebook (Facebook.com/HireSpace) - and we can connect them directly with customers too.

Dedicated Venue Scouts

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Our passionate team of venue experts work tirelessly round the clock to find spaces that are the best things since bread came sliced. Our venue experts (we tried calling them space cadets, but it never caught on) have their ears firmly to the ground, so they never miss a beat on the venue scene. Our venue team love discovering weird and wonderful venues that fit the Hire Space bill and getting them on board - whether they're brand new joints like Islington's Gracepoint or golden oldies like HMS President, they rarely take much convincing.


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Since we're SEO experts, switched-on venues looking for further exposure will often discover Hire Space of their very own accord. When private hire spaces need to spread the word on just how amazing they are, they can rely on their Hire Space page coming out on top on Google every time. Not only does that mean that venues can find Hire Space and add themselves to the website... it also means that customers looking for a venue for their next event - be it conference spaces like Vinopolis and Studio Spaces E1, or party and event spots like Dirty Martini and Lumiere - will stumble across Hire Space before any other website. This is bound to bring in those all-important bookings Hire Space is famed for.

Word of Mouth

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We don't mean to boast, but Hire Space is gathering fame. Word is spreading and we now have many a venue approaching us with a real desire to join the gang. We couldn't be happier and the more the merrier - please stop by and set up a page for your space. Not only does word of mouth mean more venues are coming our way, but it also means that event organisers and those planning a party are starting to rely on the website too, and our customer base is growing by the day. Listing on Hire Space is a bit of a no-brainer, really.

Are you an interesting venue looking for more bookings? Get in touch with the venue experts at Hirespace.com.

By Laura Richards.


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Edward Poland

Co-founder of Hire Space. Making event planning a joy with the UK’s leading live venue marketplace.

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