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Host Your Conference, Large or Small, at the Barbican

The Barbican is famous for its iconic Brutalist architecture. However, inside the venue is a plethora of state of the art spaces perfect for your next work conference. Located in central London, the Barbican is the most ideal venue for conferences, whether they be small and intimate, or large and more corporate.


The Barbican has a large amount of smaller venues available for individual hire, which means you can find the perfect space for you. One of these spaces are the forums located within the Barbican. There are two separate forums for hire - located centrally within the Barbican, your conference will take centre stage amongst the Barbican’s iconic architecture. The foyers are on two separate levels, with natural light flooding the space, access to the local Barbican underground, private spaces for exhibitions and catering, and space for up to 3000 people. They can be hired both separately or together, and would be the ideal space for larger-style conferences.


The Barbican Theatre is a surprisingly intimate space - it is able to fit 1156 people, but no person is more that 20 metres from the stage. This space is an ideal conference space for those wanting people to be constantly engaged in the days events. It has excellent acoustics, so your guests will be able to hear every word.


With its fantastic technical resources, excellent design and acoustics, Barbican Hall is thought of as one of the country's best auditoriums. This space is perfect for corporate conferences of any size. This is because there is seating space for between 500-1943 people. Each guest will have excellent sight lines on the important aspects of the event, thanks to the tiered seating. Air conditioning throughout the venue space means that guests will always be alert and engaged - no need to worry about stuffy rooms making guests switch off! With a fixed staged area it is easy to be centre stage, and there are technicians on hand to ensure the event run smoothly - including a light technician, sound technician, and two stage technicians!


The Barbican knows that hosting a work conference is an important affair, and understands the hard work that goes into pulling off such an event. That is why their spaces are always equipped with dedicated front of house staff, technicians, and state of the art technology. Each space is unique - meaning that guests will enjoy every aspect of the conference, whilst remaining thoroughly engaged in your content. This is because each space is designed to maintain audience engagement, and have the subject as the sole focus.

Trying to plan the perfect conference? Enquire with our Venue Experts to make organising your event a joy.


Megan Dye

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