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Host An Unbeatable Conference At Hijingo

We're sure you'll have heard us raving about Hijingo, the futuristic bingo experience that catapults guests into a robot-controlled dimension, but this venue isn't all just fun and games. In fact, if we only focused on its entertainment, we'd be missing the incredible meeting and conference facilities it plays host to as well.

Featuring top-tier event tech, refreshingly different food and drinks, and a totally unique set-up, Hijingo is a glimpse into the future of conferencing. Here's why it could be the best spot for your next conference or meeting.

An unbeatable location

You'll find this stellar venue among the brightest lights of London, just off Bishopsgate, and a few minutes' walk from both Shoreditch and Liverpool Street stations. With excellent public transport routes, Hijingo's a convenient spot for the majority of attendees - plus, those who make the journey will have the pick of London's best bars around for a post-event drink.

Conferences reinvented

Now, more than ever, it's critical to think about how to make your conference stand out and make your audience take note. That's why this venue gets top marks from us: with its novel decor making delegates sit up and pay attention, you'll have won half the battle before you even launch into your content. Forget dry backdrops: now that events are able to be back in person, attendees want something exciting to engage them, and this venue certainly delivers.

Ahead-of-its-time tech

Hijingo's all about being a step ahead, and with stadium-grade lighting and surround sound, its production standards set a serious precedent for the evolution of conferencing. If you're looking to stream a video or project graphics inside the venue, there's nowhere more suited for the job: with two 3 x 3 metre mirrored screens, plus an additional two screens to showcase your slides, you'll have an impressive amount of real estate at hand to promote your brand.

Meanwhile, for the small but vital aspects of any event, cordless headset microphones ensure that you're always in control of backstage communication, while a stage with built-in presentation lighting provides a professional backdrop for your keynotes. And for added brownie points, this snazzy spot's only gone and thrown a crowd-surfing camera and light show capabilities into the mix - at this point, they're just showing off, really!

Hybrid-ready facilities

The ability to stream a live conference to remote delegates has become an essential tick-box in the event planning process, and at Hijingo you're in safe hands. With excellent audiovisual capabilities and fast connectivity speeds, live-streaming your event can be easily arranged. Plus, if you run polls through your hybrid event platform, you'll have plenty of screens in the venue to project the results and bring together your two audiences. Want some more guidance on planning for hybrid? Check out our ultimate guide to hybrid events for a breakdown of everything you need to know.

Novel layouts

With capacity for 185 delegates, Hijingo has plenty of room to stage both meetings and conferences, but not in your typical arrangement. Here, high tables are the choice of furniture, with seats facing each other, allowing delegates to network, take notes, and conduct breakouts in their own groups. And with an additional area in the Lucky Box, there's room to divide delegates into breakouts in the same large event hall.  

Hijingo Lucky Box

Flexible Day Delegate Packages

Day Delegate packages are available from £40 + VAT per person, including refreshments and breakfast and lunch menus (with an Asian-inspired twist), provided for up to 185 guests. And for an extra that really sets your event apart, there's always the option of adding on a little entertainment to the day, which brings us on to...

Enticing post-event entertainment

After all the focus that a conference demands, we think you and your delegates will have earned a bit of downtime - and what better way to unwind than with a game of hilarious, high-octane bingo, and a deliciously unique cocktail from one of Hijingo's two luxury bars! With top-notch entertainment guaranteed, we can vouch for your conference being the talk of the corporate circuit for the next year!

Now that we've seen the neon lights of Hijingo, we think the conference scene of the future is looking bright. If you're ready to break the mould and shake up the conference scene, enquire now about the venue's availability for your next conference.

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