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Events in the Wild at London Zoo

For nearly 200 years London Zoo has enthralled, educated, and inspired millions of people across the world. It has housed thousands of animals, as well as taken part in breeding programmes and conservation projects in over 50 countries worldwide. London Zoo is much more than just a fun day out, it has remarkable history, wonderful wilderness, and has entertained and inspired generations of visitors, including A.A. Milne who visited Winnie the American Black Bear, and later wrote children’s classic Winnie the Pooh.

Tiger Territory

A special addition to a private event at London Zoo is its animal encounters and experiences. They can be booked for both daytime and evening events providing a unique and exciting element to any event. Surprise your guests on arrival, during a drinks reception, or as a last hurrah before they leave. A keeper is on hand to answer any questions you or your guests may have, so that the event can run as smoothly as possible - you might learn a few animal facts in the process.


Create a roaring reception at the Tiger Territory, or practice your ‘Happy Feet’ with a birthday celebration down at the Penguin Beach. Alternatively, dive in and find Nemo - the Aquarium at London Zoo was the world’s first, and is available as a magical venue for up to 500 guests for drinks and canapés.

The team at London Zoo are experts in weddings too. There is no better way to celebrate that wonderfully special day than with a unique venue such as London Zoo. For an intimate celebration why not choose Mappin Pavilion? With floor to ceiling windows, and a warm interior, this space is a beautiful grade II listed building.

London Zoo

It has stunning views of Regents Park and 'Tiger Territory' and overlooks the 'Australian Outback' so you can watch the Wallabies and Emus play in the sun whilst celebrating your nuptials. Capable of holding up to 70 guests for dinner and 120 for a standing reception, this venue is perfect if you want a unique and intimate wedding venue.

London Zoo

By holding an adventurous event at London Zoo, you are helping to contribute to ZSL, the charity behind London Zoo that supports global conservation of animals and their habitats - now that's something you can feel good about.

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