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Five Venues For A Feast With Friends

"We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink, for dining alone is leading the life of a wolf." - Epicurus

At Hire Space, we're more of a wolf pack than lone wolves. We like to drink together and feast together, and we make sure we do it in style. That's why Hire Space has such an enduring love affair with London: This great city has the best private dining venues on the planet. Here are the best of the best.

1. The In & Out

button at King Harald V Room

London's vast wealth of private members clubs makes the most problematic part of feasting with friends picking which place you want to go to. Let us stop you right there. The In & Out, an astonishingly opulent club round the corner from Buckingham Palace, is where you should set your sights.

You won't be in and out of here in too much of a hurry.

2. London Film Museum

button at London Film Museum

You'd think that the regal splendour of In & Out would be impossible to follow. But when you've got vintage Aston Martins in a glamorous exhibition on all things James Bond, you and your friends will feel the thrill of, if not her majesty herself, her majesty's secret service instead.

Truly unique, London Film Museum offers the sort of dining experience that is possible only in this great city.

3. Tuttons

button at the Vaults

The magnificent Covent Garden is steeped in London's history, but its cobblestones are also stepped on by London's masses. Rogue elbows and a thousand shuffling feet can be physically exhausting.

This problem calls for a solution: Tuttons.

Tuttons is a gorgeous restaurant with an all important feature: vaults. Sheltered from the stampede, these vaults provide an intimate and calm setting that offers a haven of privacy Covent Garden cannot.

4. MeWe360

button at MeWe360

Do you spend hours with friends discussing your future business ideas? What you need is a private dining penthouse that is set up to inspire and nurture creative entrepeneurs.

Welcome to MeWe360.

A fresh, open space with pristine views, this high-end private dining apartment could be the best investment you ever make.

5. The Foundling Museum

button at The Foundling Museum

Venues come and go. There are pop-ups, start-ups, and mess-ups, here today and gone tomorrow.

But there are a few, rare places that have stood the test of time through the centuries, during which London became the iconic capital it is today. The Foundling Museum, stretching back to 1739, is one such place.

What's so special about The Foundling Museum is that, despite its evidently ornate and stunningly opulent setting, a private lunch-time feast is an unexpectedly affordable option.

To enquire about one of these venues, or any other, just get in touch at HireSpace.com.


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