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The Top 5 North London Party Venues

East London has hipsters, west London is rich and south London has sweet suburban spots, but north London is all about good times. It's where rock 'n' roll celebs call home, with a historic reputation for fun. Hire Space venue expert Laura Richards reveals the best north London party spots to live it up as the area intended.

1. House of Wolf

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Source: The Independent

Embrace the bohemian vibes that North London has to offer - head along to Islington's recently established House of Wolf. The three-storey palace of pleasure offers up experimental room after experimental room, fit for any style of party - a 30th birthday party in particular. There's the Wolf Den for cosy soirees, the Music Hall for riotous roof-raisers, and then there's the Apothecary Bar, serving up a standard of quirky cocktails you won't find at many north London party venues. We guarantee a howling good time.

2. The Gilbert Scott

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Source: private-dining.co.uk

If you don't fancy partying like famous north London resident Pete Doherty, head along to The Gilbert Scott and be a bit more reserved. It doesn't mean the indulgence won't be as heavy, just a little more refined perhaps - we're talking Michelin Star chef Marcus Wareing, baby. His dishes and a grandiose St Pancras Renaissance setting make this one hell of a north London party venue. Hire the Kitchen Table to get up close and personal with the chefs, or take the Private Room for a plush north London party venue ideal for an engagement party.

3. Low Profile

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Small, sophisticated and super north, Low Profile keeps Manor House lively. It's a light-filled photographic studio by day, but can be transformed into a glitzy place for any kind of party by night. The north London party venue can take corporate events, but is best when it's dressed for pop-up dinner parties (it won't be your average, tame dinner party when held in north London). With 24-ft-high ceilings and 200 sq. ft. of space, there's definitely enough room to swing a cat - making Low Profile one surefire swinging north London party venue.

4. Cecil Sharp House

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For a north London party venue you can make your own, we recommend the rather twee Cecil Sharp House. Especially since north London is such a creative kind of place. The Cecil Sharp House is home to folk arts and is found just minutes from Camden Town, Regent's Park and Primrose Hill. Have a dance or performance in the Kennedy Hall and hire the bar for the after party - it wouldn't be a north London party venue without a bar, right?

5. The Holly Bush

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One of the best things about north London is its amazing country-style pubs, fit for the laid-back sort of parties that suit the area so well. Where better for this than Hampstead? This gorgeous, Heath-side nook of north London knows how to do good pubs, and The Holly Bush is one of the best. Hire out an area for a comfortable session, take the function room for a birthday party knees-up, or hire the upstairs party space for a reception venue with a bit more swagger. This is Hampstead, after all.

So there's your proof that north London party venues know how to do it in style. If you're not convinced, we'll help you cast your net a little further. Get in touch with Hire Space or visit the website and we'll fix you up with a party package to rival any of the above.


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