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The 5 Most Romantic Venues In London

As our recent blog on the Five Best Places to Propose in London showed, romance is alive and well in cities across the world. Valentine's Day is upon us and Hire Space is here to show you its sensitive side. Boy, have we got some fantastic spaces for you! It might be last minute, but what is romance without a little sponaneity? Loveable lothario and self-annointed romance counsellor to the stars, James Roche brings you five top London Valentine's Venues!

Patch Bar

Button Patch Bar

Do I want a relaxed evening or a rowdy night out? Do I pick a restaurant or night club? Don’t stress this Valentine’s Day - let the highly skilled team at Patch Bar take you on a magnificent journey through their positively pulsating, energetically eclectic playhouse!

Located near St Paul’s Cathedral, Patch is easy to find and offers the perfect combination of relaxed restaurant ambience, cool cocktail chic and nightclub hedonism. From informal business lunches to exclusive whole venue hire; from a quiet drink to a sultry dance, you can do it all at Patch Bar.

Vista at The Trafalgar

Button Vista at The Trafalgar

With its exceptional views overlooking Trafalgar Square, it would be easy for a venue like this to become complacent. Luckily for us, there’s no sign of any laziness behind the bar at Vista – only some of the city’s top mixologists working their magic and an events team toiling away behind the scenes to ensure that your romantic evening lives long in the memory.

First class service, superb drinks and the world famous “Vista views” - this London favourite really is a wonderful option at any time of the year. Outdoor parties, drinks receptions and exclusive event hire? You name it and they will nail it – every time. Still need an excuse to head down? Let this Valentine’s Venue win your heart on February 14.

Tanner and Co.

Button Tanner and Co

According to the ‘James Roche Book of Love’, flexibility is the key to any longlasting relationship. It’s fitting, then, that we feature one of our most flexible and versatile London venues in time for Valentine’s Day – the event space at Tanner and Co.

Able to cater for a variety of seating plans, this Bermondsey venue is ideally suited to any event – from conferences and corporate dinners to drink receptions and of course, romantically-themed celebrations!

So blow up the balloons, head into the huge open kitchen and grab that heart shaped cake – it’s time for a Valentine’s Day party with Tanner and Co.

Purl London

Button Purl London

Secretive seating, curious cocktails, speakeasy styling – our next venue on the list is a real Purl-er!

Purl London is no ordinary bar. In fact, once you’re settled in, with drink in hand, you’ll feel like you and your partner are the only couple in the building.

This unique events space is full of secretive nooks and crannies, which combined with its classic layout and décor, create a wonderfully intimate and secluded atmosphere.

The ideal space for photo shoots, product launches and private parties, ‘The Purl’ is a venue that simply oozes style and sophistication. For a Valentine’s Day with a twist, check out Purl London today!

National Portrait Gallery

Button National Portrait Gallery

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a time for existing couples to celebrate their love – it is also a great opportunity for you to ask out that cute co-worker you’ve been eying or that hunky neighbour you keep bumping into at the lift. That is, of course, presuming you are actually single.

So what to do on your first date? You could check out a movie (yawn), go for a walk around the park (hay fever ain’t sexy) or you could do something really cool and book a morning, evening or whole day hire at the National Portrait Gallery.

Besides boasting some of the world’s best art galleries, this one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Venue features a brilliant restaurant and dining room. Still got your heart set on that movie? Fear not - this place has its own theatre!

Well, our work here is just about done. For more information on these or any of our other spaces, check out our website today. Oh, and have a great Valentine's Day!


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