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EventLAB Series: The Most Instagram-Worthy Venues This Summer

A great event begins with a great venue. Whether you're hosting a party, launching a product or putting on a conference, having a killer looking venue is a huge asset. It's impossible to overstate the marketing benefit that comes with people organically promoting your event on social media. What better way to generate a buzz and tempt those Instagram influencers than with a gorgeous venue that they just can't help but take photos of. We've picked five of the most Instagram-worthy venues exhibiting at our very own EventLAB this October

Lumiere London

Contemporary - Chic - Versatile

With spaces ranging from the Victorian Loft to the Tropical library, you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to picking your event's aesthetic. No matter which of Lumiere's spaces you choose, you can be certain that each one is Instagram-worthy and will have your guests desperate to show off this fashionable venue.

Lumiere London
Lumiere London

Alexandra Palace

Victorian - IndustrialRevolution - AllyPally

, The Peoples Palace; a spectacular work of glass, steel and brick. An icon of the Victorian zeal for industry and innovation, this spacious venue has an understated aesthetic that complements any decor. Not only will you be able to take some stunning shots of the indoor spaces, but you'll also benefit from the views across the London skyline.

West Hall Alexandra Palace
West Hall Alexandra Palace

Hampton Court Palace

Renaissance - Royals - Tudors - Palace

There is no doubt Henry VIII would have been an Instagram-fiend. A true Renaissance prince, he was a patron of the arts and had a taste for the new. His stream would have been filled with photos of his state banquets, his games of tennis, gym selfies (he was really into his calves) and of course his Royal Palaces. Truly, Hampton Court Palace is a venue for all seasons and there is no better time to make use of the gardens than the summer. No wedding could be more spectacular than one hosted in the ground of this Renaissance landmark. Though if you need to reform an entire nation's religion, break with the Rome and set the stage for 200 years of religio-political fallout, in order to facilitate your marriage, maybe reconsider?

Hampton Court Red Carpet Entrance
Hampton Court Palace Gardens
Hampton Court Palace

The Crystal

Futurology - Sustainable - FutureCities

Cutting-edge, refined, hyper-modern. The sharp lines of The Crystal's superstructure make for a unique backdrop to any photo. Situated on the Thames, you'll not only be able to fully appreciate the Crystal's architecture from the Air Line Cable Car, but once you arrive you'll be able to enjoy views out across the docklands from the Crystal's terrace. The Crystal's restaurant and cafe provide incredible dining experiences and it would be a crime not to take a photo or two of their food.

The Crystal Emirates Cable Car
The Crystal Restaurant
The Crystal Cafe

IET Savoy Place

Innovation - Engineering - Design

The IET Savoy Place offers a mix of cutting edge technology and modern design in this flexible venue. Most special of all, Savoy Place boasts a simply breathtaking view of the Thames both up and down the river. Versatile spaces, state-of-the-art AV equipment and excellent catering make IET Savoy Place ideal for your conferences and corporate events this summer.

IET Savoy Place
IET Savoy Place
IET Savoy Place Rooftop

These five venues will be exhibiting at EventLAB this October. EventLAB is an exciting new event from Hire Space bringing together leaders and innovators from across the events and venue industry for two days of interactive networking, CPD masterclasses and workshops and top industry speakers.


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