It's conference day. The lights are up, the seats are hot, the suit is sticky. Hours lay ahead of engaging talks, slick presentations and crucial networking, and the last thing you need are red cheeks, a sweaty back or a damp shirt.

What you need is some fresh air. What your conference venue needs is outdoor space.

1. City Of London Club

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Outdoor space at a conference venue may conjure images of a carpark or a drizzly designated smoking area. Not at City Of London Club.

Their stunning roof terrace is surrounded by the twirling skyscraper-scape which includes The Gherkin, Tower 42, Heron tower, and many more. Filled with comfortable seats, you can catch a breath and be inspired by the city's most iconic spires.

2. 41 Portland Place

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Portland Place is one of London's great streets, a stone-columned corrider of magnificent Edwardian splendour. But not, you might think, a place of fresh outdoor space.

And you'd be right, if it wasn't for the unique exception of 41 Portland Place. An astonishingly expansive terrace, festooned with twirling vines and fragrant flowers, promises a breath of replenishing air.

3. 170 Queen's Gate

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170 Queen's Gate offers a lushous enclosure, a horticultural treat, the perfect antidote to the sustained focus required during a conference. Just a few minutes in this green sanctuary will revive your spirits, a surprising offering from a venue in South Kensington.

Invigorate your delegates and treat them to some much deserved relaxation.

4. Somerset House

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Somerset House is like a gigantic nest, where instead of twigs, monumental stone columns encase a spacious enclosure, uniquely large for the centre of London.

Within it, sheltered from the mayhem of central London but with all the benefits of its accessibility, delegates can relax in the great outdoors.

5. Drapers' Hall

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Lily pads, wobbling over the ripples from the sprinkling fountain, totter on the pond in Drapers' Hall courtyard. When your head is hot with conferencing and networking, this tranquil sanctuary provides you with the cool relief you need - a crucial ingredient for any successful conference.

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