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9 (W)hole Reasons why Puttshack is the Place for Your Next Party

Puttshack is an innovative social concept, which catapults the loved game of mini golf into a groundbreaking gaming extravaganza.

Perfect for parties, team building and festive shindigs, here are 9 w(hole) reasons why Puttshack should be your next entertainment venue.

It takes mini golf to a whole new level

Forget scorecards, arguments, and those few who try to cheat their way to the coveted prize of mini golf champion. Puttshack has patented technology, called 'Trackaball'. It means that every touch is recorded - the ball knows the distance its travelled, who it belongs to, how many times its been hit - it even knows who is winning. Cheats beware, this is one game that both demands and deserves fair play.

Whole venue at Puttshack

Traditional scoring has been turned on its head

A hole in one? Low scores are not that impressive anymore. Puttshack has
revolutionised the traditional scoring system in mini golf, meaning that the highest score wins! Golf boffins will no longer be able to bluff their way to the finish line, as the live scoring system records everything for you. Fewer shots mean big points, and Puttshack have provided helpful hints along the way in every game so that your team can be triumphant.

It has bundles of space

Not only does this space have 4 different zones for ordinary play, it also has exclusive zones. These exclusive spaces can fit between 25 and 300 people, so any kind of event can be catered for. It has an amazing ambience, with each exclusive space having its own unique view of the main area. Is your event not so mini? Not to worry - Puttshack have made it super easy to host even more people - by hiring out the entire venue space, it can accommodate up to 750 guests.

Have you SEEN the rum list?

‘But where has all the rum gone?’ is not a phrase you will be hearing at Puttshack. The drinks list is impressive to say the least, but these guys specialise in all things rum. In fact, they even have a rum bible. Transport yourself out of rainy London and into the blissfully hot Caribbean with one of their many rums available. They won’t disappoint.

The bar at Puttshack

The holes are te(e)rrific

Gone are the days of mini golf courses aimed at the under 10s - these holes are fun and playful and suit all age ranges. Created exclusively by the team at Puttshack, the holes include Beer Pong, Half Pipe, and Duck Hunt.

Interactive hole at Puttshack

Food you can’t fore-get

If you’re on a healthy streak, or your life motto is treat yourself - Puttshack has good food for you. The menus have been carefully curated by their executive chef Richard Edney, who has designed a menu that is meant for sharing. From Buttermilk marinated popcorn chicken to their fillet of beef skewers, the menu is varied and exciting. For dessert, why not go for the Cheers Luxury Ice Cream Pot - the ice cream contains alcohol! Choose from chocolate espresso martini, strawberry daiquiri, mojito, or toffee vodka. Amazing.

Buffet at Puttshack

I’ve seen you before, do you come here often?

For those that love mini golf, the experience here at Puttshack is hard to beat. In fact, for customers that have visited before, the technology remembers you. The scoring system will know what you got on your last visit, so you can keep track and improve.

Lights, Camera, Action - Replay

For the champions who get that hole in one - a chance for you to brag and relive the glory, again and again. Puttshack have action replays, so your w(hole) moment can be there forever.

Lights, Camera, Action - Replay

No group is too big

So invite your friends, family, colleagues and get on over to Puttshack for your next event. With the scoring system being able to divide people automatically into teams, it’s possible to compare to any one in your group - it doesn’t matter if they’re playing directly with you or not.

So what are you waiting for? Let the games begin!

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