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13 Amazing DIY Name Card Ideas

It's the little touches that separate good events from amazing events. The tiny details where you get to express yourself, and let loose with your creativity and personal flair.

Name cards an easy and often free way to add a splash of yourself to the event your planning. Here are 13 great ideas.

1. These painted horses

Painted Horses Name Places

If you cover with chalkboard paint, you can give any set of figurines a uniform look and a writeable surface.

2. This tagged macaroon

Delicious personalised macaroons

Everybody loves macaroons.

3. These paper leaves pinned to lemons

Lemons with named paper leaves

This option is basically free, apart from the cost of the lemons and paper! Just make sure you have neat handwriting...

4. These adorable lego toys

adorable lego toys

These also double-up as a wedding favour!

5. This gorgeous chalk on bark

Rustic look chalk on bark

Again, this option won't cost you a penny.

6. This pin holder

Professional homemade pin holder

A tricky one to make, but offers a professional edge for corporate events.

7. These wood-stump vines

Wood-stump branches with name tags

Chop up a branch into uniform stumps, and pierce one side with a long twig (or piece of wire). Then fold across a piece of paper with the name on it and glue! So simple.

8. These heart-shaped cookies

Cute heart shaped cookies

Everybody loves pink heart-shaped cookies.

9. These rosemary-threaded cards

Cheap rosemary threaded name cards

Another option that couldn't be easier - or much cheaper - to make yourself.

10.These cork-holders

Personalised cork name card holders

You might have to drink a fair few bottles of wine for this one...

11. These shaped wires

Shaped wire name card holders

This is a trickier option for a beginner, but there's nothing wrong with a home-made feel!

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