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Spaces atDNA VR Camden

  • From £300 per hour
  • 40 people
  • Camden
  • 13m² (140ft²)
DNA Virtual Reality Arcade

DNA VR Camden

DNA Virtual Reality Arcade

From £300 / Venue Fee | 40 Standing

The space is made up of 10 large booths, a reception area and a free roam room. The free roam room is a large clear space that's usually used for Free Roam Virtual Reality - perfect for filming! The space is very adaptable.

About DNA VR Camden

Create your studio in the heart of Camden. Usually a Virtual Reality Arcade, this underground space is dynamic and adaptable to suit your needs.

The venue is separated into four main rooms and a connection corridor. Our largest room is used for free-roaming VR and is completely clear of obstructive furniture.

The venue features high security, excellent WiFi and local street parking.

DNA VR Camden

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