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  • From £20
  • 100 people
  • Homerton Overground
  • 145m² (1561ft²)
Homerton Venue


Homerton Venue

From £100 / Venue Fee | 100 Buffet

Hatch is a unique open plan space that has something for nearly everyone, and something for every event, as well.This welcoming, comfortable space is a great party location, whether you're just hanging out or celebrating a special occasion or a holiday - maybe a birthday or Christmas. With room for a maximum of 100 people, Hatch is also a great place to hold corporate events, including product launches, pop-ups, and meetings. Outside caterers and other services are more than welcome. Your wedding with us will be special. Quirky, versatile, elegant or plain, your choice.

About Hatch

Converted from a 1950's print factory loading bay, Hatch has a full ceiling height of over 5m, and 2 mezzanine areas, so there is plenty of space for you o curate your perfect day. Our impressive entrance, constructed from salvaged windows, is an ideal photo opportunity but also floods the building with lovely natural light.

Having been through a colourful history of uses, including a clothes-market, and illegal night club and boxing gym it is now transformed into this hidden gem, where we plan to make your day special.


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