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The University of Edinburgh

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  • From £3250
  • 300 people
  • Unknown
  • 212m² (2282ft²)

Spaces in The University of Edinburgh

300 Reception

Central Campus

From From £3,250.00 / Minimum Spend

Central Campus at The University of Edinburgh is an ideal space for hosting events, meetings, and social gatherings. The campus offers a vibrant and welcoming environment for students and visitors. With a range of facilities available, including modern event spaces, meeting rooms, and social areas, Central Campus is suitable for a variety of events such as workshops, seminars, networking events, and social gatherings. The campus is conveniently located and provides easy access to student services and support facilities, making it a convenient choice for hosting events and meetings.

200 Reception


From From £5,000.00 / Minimum Spend

The Libraries at The University of Edinburgh provide a stimulating environment for events, meetings, and other gatherings. With access to excellent facilities and a rich collection of resources, the Libraries are suitable for academic conferences, workshops, and seminars. The serene and scholarly atmosphere makes it an ideal space for book launches, literary events, and author talks. The Libraries also offer a unique setting for film screenings, art exhibitions, and cultural events. Whether it's a corporate meeting, academic event, or cultural gathering, the Libraries at The University of Edinburgh offer a versatile and inspiring space for a wide range of occasions.

About The University of Edinburgh

University with many prominent buildings and renowned as the centre of Scottish law and medicine. The Edinburgh Futures Institute, a major strategic initiative of the University of Edinburgh, is a venue that presents a series of events aimed at promoting global cooperation in addressing critical challenges facing the world. The events are designed to contribute action-oriented thinking to the public debate about the world’s response to Covid-19. The venue brings together global influencers, academic experts, policymakers, writers, activists, artists, and students to debate and define the actions necessary for an effective response. The Edinburgh Futures Institute is dedicated to tackling the world’s biggest challenges with new approaches to learning, teaching, research, and collaboration. The venue has hosted events on topics such as the future of leadership, artificial intelligence, climate justice, the future economy, and public health. With its focus on global understanding and cooperation, the Edinburgh Futures Institute is an ideal space for events that aim to promote dialogue, debate, and action on critical global issues.

The University of Edinburgh

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