The Team

Our Venue Experts

Jake Lewis - Venue Expert Jake Lewis

Jake loves to cook, initially working as a chef in a Michelin starred restaurant. He recently returned from Whistler, Canada; when he wasn’t working he could be found jumping out of a helicopter to find the best snow! Go-to Karaoke song: A Little Respect by Erasure

Joe Summerhayes - Venue Expert Joe Summerhayes

After recently graduating with a psychology degree in Sheffield Joe has moved back down South to indulge in the London life. Out of the office he can be found perfecting his beer-pong trick shot, or tweaking his fantasy football team formula.

Lilla Madacsi - Venue Expert Lilla Madacsi

After graduating from The University of Derby, Lilla moved to London to experience the 'big city life'. She worked in events sales at a private members' club before joining Hirespace. When not working, she is explaining to people that although she is from Transylvania, she is not a vampire.

Mia Robertson - Venue Expert Mia Robertson

Born in Jersey but grew up in Manchester, Mia moved to London to pursue a career in events where her first role was at a Cabaret Supper Club venue on Brick Lane. Mia can't wake up in the morning without listening to 6 Music and is currently experimenting with baking cakes and likes sniffing (and reading) old books.

Nicole Katz - Venue Expert Nicole Katz

Nicole grew up in South Africa, studied in Australia, spent 3 years exploring Canada and has recently landed in London. When she is not off discovering latest foods trends she can be found hunting through antique markets and singing the wrong lyrics to songs.

The Team Behind the Scenes

Amy Stroud - Senior Content Executive Amy Stroud Senior Content Executive

Amy graduated with an MA in International PR from Cardiff in 2013 then worked in agency PR in hospitality and food & drink before joining Hire Space. Amy loves cats, travelling far and wide and drinking margaritas in various bars across London.

Ed Dobson - Account Specialist Ed Dobson Account Specialist

Born in Manchester, Ed grew up (mostly) in the countryside. After graduating university, he decided to book a 12 month trip to go travelling with his best mate. He's now moved to London to explore what the big city has to offer. Outside of work you'll find him planning his next trip or obsessively watching a Netflix series.

Edward Poland - Co-founder and COO Edward Poland Co-founder and COO

Ed worked on the General Election campaign in 2010 and as a speechwriter at UNESCO before starting Hire Space. He has a BA in English and an MA in Diplomacy, and spends his spare time defending Arsenal FC's managerial strategy.

Gabby Cooke - Head of Business Development Gabby Cooke Head of Business Development

London born and bred Gabby has spent most of her working life in music and events, with a recent stint setting up co-working spaces around London. In her spare time Gabby looks after her pooch Mr Schnitzel von Krumm & reps for female white collar boxing.

Jess Hall - Account Specialist Jess Hall Account Specialist

After graduating from Cardiff University with a Psychology degree, Jess has spent the last three years working in Marketing and Communications and is excited to be moving into the events industry. With a never ending London bucket list and a love for food, she spends most weekends exploring new areas of the city, drinking Prosecco and eating too much cheese.

Jess Lane - Head of Product Jess Lane Head of Product

Jess joined Hire Space in 2013 after graduating from Cambridge. She's incredibly pleased to be putting her English Literature degree and knowledge of Shakespeare to good use as part of the tech team. Jess spends any spare cash on gigs, unnecessary gadgets and (often unnecessary) gin.

Joe Harry - Account Manager Joe Harry Account Manager

Joe has moved to the Hire Space office from sunny Brighton. His main passion is live music events, having worked for a number of festivals around Europe. One of his goals is to eat at every curry house in Brick Lane but the problem is he can never remember which ones he's been to.

Julie Woestelandt - Data Engineer Julie Woestelandt Data Engineer

Originally from France, Julie graduated university with a Marketing degree and has taken on various roles in marketing and data engineering since then. She enjoys frolicking around the globe, exploring new countries and cultures, trying new food, and attempting to become a master sushi chef and wine connoisseur.

Marcus Stanway-Williams - Senior Account Specialist Marcus Stanway-Williams Senior Account Specialist

Originating from leafy Oxfordshire, Marcus moved to London with 5 of his primary school friends, after finishing his Politics degree. Before Hire Space he worked in technology sales and despite embracing certain aspects of adult-life, he refuses to stop eating children's cereal for breakfast.

Mariona Puig - Head of Finance Mariona Puig Head of Finance

Mariona graduated in Business and holds a MSc in Economics and a diploma in Finance. Before joining Hire Space, she worked in strategy and finance at a global consumer company based in Barcelona and at a fintech start up here in London. Outside the office, she enjoys outdoor sports, playing with her baby girl, and following her adventurous husband around the world.

Mr Schnitzel von Krumm - Canine Development Officer Mr Schnitzel von Krumm Canine Development Officer

As one of the last remaining descendants of the Austrian 'Von Krumm' dynasty, Mister Schnitzel has traveled far from home to lend a hand to the Hire Space office. As a connoisseur of good taste and the finer things in life he is acting cultural attache, always on hand to help the team understand what it means to 'keep it classy'.

Nathan Marks - Account Manager Nathan Marks Account Manager

After graduating from York University Nathan moved to London from Merseyside in 2012 and worked in recruitment sales for 3 years before joining Hire Space. He spends his time outside of work going to gigs, and claiming that this season is finally Arsenal's season.

Nick Larkins - Head of People and Operations Nick Larkins Head of People and Operations

Nick is a dual Kiwi/Brit who likes to experiment, this led to him taking a degree in Chemistry in sunny Southampton. Since then Nick has been lucky enough to (partially) travel the world, sometimes with prior planning, usually without and has met some incredible people along the way. Prior to jumping on board at Hire Space, Nick worked for Apple around the UK and usually will be found with a coffee in hand.

Olga Travkina - Accountant Olga Travkina Accountant

Analytically-minded accountant with 8 years experience in finance and accounting industry. Enhances efficiency and business performance via financial management systems evaluation and implementation of process improvements. Outside work quiet spiritual yoga-type person.

Olivia Johnston - Account Manager Olivia Johnston Account Manager

Born in Suffolk, Olivia is a real country bumpkin. After finishing her degree in Graphic Design she became a lettings agent but then found her true calling at Hire Space! Olivia's main loves are Romeo, her ginger tom cat and Molly, her cavapoo.

Paul Seamons - PPC Specialist Paul Seamons PPC Specialist

Originally from the sunny south coast of Sussex, Paul worked for many years in digital marketing. Outside of work if he’s not supporting the Saints or following the test, he will be enjoying Radio4, The Archers, growing cabbages, or listening to drum and bass and live music.

Paul Somers - Software Engineer Paul Somers Software Engineer

After graduating with a BSc in Mathematics, Paul expanded his programming skill set by helping others solve problems and now applies this knowledge at Hire Space. His spare time is spent trying to prove rocket science isn't so hard by landing little green people on other planets.

Pavlos Maniatopoulos - Expansion Executive Pavlos Maniatopoulos Expansion Executive

Pavlos abandoned life by the sea in sunny Corfu to move to sunnier Edinburgh where he spent 4 years studying Business & Spanish. When not plotting the next step for Hire Space's global domination, he enjoys hunting for cheap flights and trying to master the art of Greek cooking.

Perry Tiu - Software Engineer Perry Tiu Software Engineer

Proud camp counsellor, fourth wall breaker, broken refrigerator (no chill), Perry moved to London from Montreal after graduating in Software Engineering. Perry would now like you to stop reading, stand up, stretch and go get some water 'cause he's 1000% sure you haven't left your desk in a while.

Riemy Wan - Senior Community Manager Riemy Wan Senior Community Manager

Honing five years' experience in the creative and music scene in China, Riemy rooted herself in London in 2013 and has since become an avid venue explorer in the city and beyond. She spends her idle hours on design projects, sampling hoppy bevies and making exercise contraptions for her hamster.

Tess Robinson - Community Support Tess Robinson Community Support

In Tess' spare time, she is an international roller derby athlete with the London Rollergirls and music and drama degree-holder. When she's not dedicating her life and soul to sport, she likes to sing, play the ukulele and watch videos on YouTube and Instagram.

Thomas Owers - Software Engineer Thomas Owers Software Engineer

Tom is currently on placement at Hire Space from King's College London where he is currently in his third year studying for a bachelors degree in Computer Science. When he's not hacking the web, you can usually find him in close proximity to a gin bar around central London.

Tiernan Mines - Head of Promotions Tiernan Mines Head of Promotions

Tiernan is a half Canadian sports fanatic. He has a background in real estate and before joining Hire Space, founded an online P2P marketplace exclusively for students. At the weekend he can be found either on the football pitch (scoring all the goals) or at the pub with friends.

Tom Moffat - Community Support Tom Moffat Community Support

Tom spent several years drawing animals in clothes after graduating with a degree in illustration from Manchester. Realising the financial reward wasn't necessarily going to sustain an uncontrollable passion for spending money, he decided to move to Hamburg for a year, happily returning in 2016 for an opportunity to be part of the delightful Hire Space team.

Will Swannell - Co-founder and CEO Will Swannell Co-founder and CEO

Before co-founding Hire Space, he worked both as a strategy consultant with LEK and a Maths teacher at Paddington Academy having studied Theoretical Physics and then Finance at Cambridge. Outside the office, Will is enthusiastically proficient at 5-a-side and triathlon and has a keen interest in education.