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Space 88

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  • From £20 per hour
  • 21 Classroom
  • From £20 per hour
  • 21 Classroom

Space description

Space 88 is located inside the London Continental Hotel, a 7 minute walk from Baker Street Station in Central London.

The space, which almost imitates a green house with all its beautiful natural lighting and glass roof can hold an event for 20-25 people standing and 21 people sitting with 16 chairs, 4 tables and 2 large sofas. Perfect for mid-day meetings, meeting rooms in the city, corporate meetings, project rooms, and the like.

Bright, quiet and intimate, this space is perfect for a meeting in the heart of Central London.

More about Space 88

Located in the heart of central London, Space 88 is the perfect place to host an array of events. Such as: Yoga Classes, Meditation Classes, Workshops, Talks, Breakfasts/Lunches/Brunches/Dinners, Business Meetings and Alternative/Holistic Healing Therapy Sessions, Conscious Meet-Ups and Eats.

Located in The London Continental Hotel, Space 88 boasts tremendous natural lighting, almost imitating a greenhouse effect, which lights up the space. Intimate, bright and quite, perfect for any event.