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Minimum spend venues are a great option if you have a strict budget. Check out our favourite ones in London, perfect for your next event.

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Minimum Spend Venues In London Ideas

  • Minimum Spend Venues in London - Dinerama
    ShoreditchDinerama500 People

    This amazing 500 capacity mezzanine comes complete with 4 bars, your own private entrance, direct access to the delicious international Street Food Traders whilst you soak up the vibes from down below. In the winter months we are roofed and winter proofed, in the summer the roof comes off making it the perfect summer party space.

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  • Minimum Spend Venues in London - The Fable
    Farrington, City Thameslink, Chancery LaneThe Fable1000 People

    The Fable is the ideal bar & restaurant to hold a special event, catering for everything from small parties to corporate events & weddings. It’s also a great spot for product launches, after-show & wrap parties, fashion shoots, music videos & celebrity interviews.

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  • Minimum Spend Venues in London - Chiswell Street Dining Rooms
    City of LondonChiswell Street Dining Rooms250 People

    Chiswell Street Dining Rooms is an excellent event space for receptions for up to 250 standing or up to 100 seated for lunches and dinners. It is also a contemporary backdrop for product launches in the heart of Central London. This memorable London venue provides the best of new and old-fashioned British cooking alongside an extensive wine list featuring new and old world wines. Divided into three areas, literary inspired art and typography adorns the walls in the restaurant combining stylish leather tub chairs, luxurious banquettes and a colour palate of creams, greens and golds.

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  • Minimum Spend Venues in London - Attendant Shoreditch
    Shoreditch Attendant Shoreditch 60 People

    Attendant Shoreditch serves as a cool and quirky space for private evening events of all kinds. Accommodating up to 60 people, the popular venue offers a catering menu full of food and drinks so that patrons don't stay peckish. Alternatively, guests can opt for dry hire and bring their own snacks and tipples - with no corkage charge. The intimate yet spacious environment, with graffiti wall art, is hireable complete with a first-rate sound system.

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  • Minimum Spend Venues in London - Barrio Shoreditch
    ShoreditchBarrio Shoreditch120 People

    Uptown Bar at Barrio Shoreditch is perfect for private events and parties and is available for evening hire from Sunday-Thursday. There is projection equipment available, private PA system and a private bar, so your guests will enjoy an unforgettable evening in colourful and vivid surroundings. There is no hire fee but a minimum spend applies. Your guests can choose from the varied and delicious cocktail menu.

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  • Minimum Spend Venues in London - LDN Craft
    Angel, Upper streetLDN Craft200 People

    Venue available to rent for free with minimum spend. Space for 200 people

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  • Minimum Spend Venues in London - Bar Rumba
    LondonBar Rumba450 People

    A fantastic space located minutes from Picadilly Circus, which includes 2 bars and of course, a large dance-floor area. The venue is perfect for parties and clubbing, as well as networking drinks or corporate events. Bar Rumba is available for exclusive hire until late on a minimum spend basis. It is also available for hire at a reduced rate any day until 10pm.

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  • Minimum Spend Venues in London - Bright Courtyard Club
    MaryleboneBright Courtyard Club300 People

    Our stylish glass-roofed Courtyard provides the best setting for drinks and canapé receptions, corporate dinners, product launches, family occasions, Christmas parties and private functions. The space offers a versatile and flexible seating plan. We can arrange the room to work for standing parties up to 300 or seated dinners for 200. Restaurant offers bespoke menus to suit your needs and budget. The space is available on minimum spend basis and there won't be any room hire fee.

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  • Minimum Spend Venues in London - The Jugged Hare, Victoria
    VictoriaThe Jugged Hare, Victoria35 People

    Hire this stylish, secluded space for intimate gatherings and parties, or even a more formal sit-down dinner.

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  • Minimum Spend Venues in London - Dirty Martini Covent Garden
    Covent GardenDirty Martini Covent Garden150 People

    Dirty Martini, located on Covent Garden's famous piazza, has established itself as a stylish hang out for party goers, after work drinkers and late night revellers alike. With a distinctly New York feel, the bar boasts expert bar staff able to mix whatever cocktail your heart desires. There is also an extensive drinks menu with Champagnes, wines, beers and spirits. To hire the full venue works on a minimum spend basis.

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  • Minimum Spend Venues in London - The Botanist Broadgate Circle

    The Soda Room is a hidden gem located downstairs at The Botanist Broadgate Circle, perfect to dance the night away. This newly opened club and fabulous cocktail lounge is a much welcomed addition to the City's nightlife and is available for private hire in the day time as well as in the evenings.The space provides an unusual, edgy backdrop for daytime workshops and team building as well as business events. It is also perfect for product launches. It is also possible to book a semi private area or booth when the space is open to the public on a minimum spend basis.

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  • Minimum Spend Venues in London - Aviary
    Finsbury SquareAviary30 People

    An impressive private dining room for the enjoyment of your guests, you can enjoy your own private roof terrace, with spectacular views of London's famous skyline. This private room is ideal for hosting a breakfast business meeting, client lunch, drinks and canape reception or even an intimate dinner party.

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  • Minimum Spend Venues in London - The Chapel Bar
    IslingtonThe Chapel Bar80 People

    We can cater for up to 80 guests in the Terrace Bar and the terrace can be heated and covered with the electric awnings if the weather should turn. The room has a license until 3am and is supplied with all the elements you need for a successful party, including a private bar, smoker's balcony, all DJ equipment, a Large LCD smart screen as well as full A/V facilities. Private toilets and exclusive bar and security staff. Being one of the best party venues in London, we won't disappoint.

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  • Minimum Spend Venues in London - Purl London
    MarylebonePurl London100 People

    Purl isn’t much of a sit at the bar type place, although there are a couple of stools if you’re so inclined. Purl is full of secretive nooks and crannies. The seating areas are laid out so that you are quite secluded, indeed once you get settled you could be forgiven for thinking that you were the only people there. Perfect venue for a photo shoot, product launch or private party

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  • Minimum Spend Venues in London - The Happenstance
    St Paul'sThe Happenstance120 People

    The Lounge area is ideal for private and corporate events that don't require the whole venue. It features its own bar, bathroom facilities and private entrance making it a superb enclosed space for launches, parties, dinners and receptions.

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  • Minimum Spend Venues in London - The Oyster Shed
    City of LondonThe Oyster Shed350 People

    The Oyster Shed is available for exclusive hire at the weekends and is the perfect party venue with breathtaking views of The Shard and River Thames.

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More about Minimum Spend Venues in London

Most venues will charge you for using the event space, but by booking a venue with a minimum spend, you can guarantee private use of the space as long as your guests spend a certain amount on food and beverages. Minimum spend venues are a great option for anyone looking to host an event on a budget, and there are plenty of options available in London.

What is a minimum spend venue?

Minimum spend venues are venues that don't charge you a room hire fee. Instead, they guarantee private use of the space as long as you or your guests spend a certain amount on food and drink. This makes them a great option if you're looking to host a quality event on a budget. As long as your guests fork out what you predict on food and drink, you can get away without having to pay a penny for the venue!

Whether you're looking to host a small business meeting, a large social gathering, or anything in between, there are plenty of options for minimum spend venues in London. Some popular choices include restaurants, bars, and event spaces that offer private rooms or exclusive booking options.

The benefits of hosting events at minimum spend venues in London

The benefits of hosting your event at a minimum spend venue in London are numerous. Not only will you save money on the venue hire, but you'll also get to take advantage of the venue's existing food and beverage options. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Here are the top reasons you should consider minimum spend venues in London.

  1. Avoid paying for venue hire. Minimum spend venues could see you effectively getting free venue hire, as instead of paying a venue hire fee, your venue can make their money from your guests buying food and drink!
  2. Works out cheaper overall. Even if you decide that you want to treat your guests to food and drink rather than making them fork out for their own, it'll often still work out cheaper to go for minimum spend. This is because you'll generally only end up paying for food and drink instead of paying for food and drink as well as a venue hire fee.
  3. Hire a venue you wouldn't normally be able to afford. Ever looked at an event venue and thought 'there's no way I could afford that?' Well, depending on how many guests you're inviting, you might well be able to afford a much fancier venue than you think - if the minimum spend is £2,000 and you invite 200 guests, they just have to spend £10 each!
  4. Choose from a variety of venues. While most London minimum spend venues are pubs, restaurants and bars, there are also other venue types that are happy to operate fully or partially on a minimum spend basis. These include hotel function rooms and event spaces.
  5. Benefit from the venue's existing food and drinks options. Minimum spend venues will often include food and beverage packages as part of their total spend requirement. This can be a great way to save money on catering at your event - just make sure you understand what's included before you book!
  6. Get private use of the venue. Most minimum spend venues guarantee you private use of the space, so you can be sure your event won't be interrupted or disrupted by other guests. However, some will also be available for semi-private hire.
  7. Save time on event planning. Minimum spend venues are a great option if you're short on time and need to get your event organised quickly. With everything taken care of in one place, you can relax and enjoy the day without having to worry about hiring caterers or providing your own drinks.

What to look for when picking out minimum spend venues in London

When it comes to choosing minimum spend venues in London, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind. By considering these key factors, you can be sure to find the right venue for your event.

  • Minimum spend amount: How much do you need to spend in order to meet the minimum spend threshold? Is this realistic?
  • Minimum guest numbers: How many guests do you need to attend to stand a good chance of reaching the minimum spend threshold? Does the venue capacity fit with this?
  • Catering options: If you'd like to offer your guests a meal that you pay for, does the venue offer catering packages as part of their minimum spend requirements? Or will you have to arrange this separately?
  • Private use of the venue: Does the venue guarantee you will have private use of their space for your event? Or are you happy with a semi-private space?
  • Event planning support: Will the venue provide any event planning assistance, such as help with setup and clean-up?
  • Suppliers: Minimum spend venues will generally provide in-house catering and bar services, but what about other aspects of your event? Will your venue be able to support you on things like branding, AV and entertainment, or will you need to source these suppliers yourself?
  • Full or partial minimum spend: Does the venue operate purely on a minimum spend basis? Or will they expect a venue hire fee and a minimum spend?
  • If you don't make the minimum spend: What happens if you don't make the minimum spend on the day? Usually, you'll just need to pay the difference to bump up the figures.

Top minimum spend venue ideas in London for every event type

Minimum spend venues are a popular choice for all sorts of events, from birthday parties to corporate functions. If you're looking for some inspiration on where to hold your next event, check out these venue ideas for some top event types in London.


Minimum spend pubs and bars are a great option for any private party - from birthday parties to engagement parties and other celebrations. Just make sure that the minimum spend amount is within your budget and that you have enough guests to reach it on the day (unless you plan on treating your guests with a few rounds that you pay for yourself!). If you're after an informal setting for some pub grub in private, the dining area at The Jugged Hare will be right up your street. Or, for a more swanky evening do, check out Purl London. With its exposed brick walls and hidden nooks and crannies, it's perfect for an intimate yet special gathering of family and friends.

Corporate events

Minimum spend venues are a great option for corporate events like client events or office Christmas parties. They'll let you treat your guests to high-quality food and drinks without having to pay hefty venue hire fees. Plus, you can choose how much money you want to put behind the bar for your clients or colleagues to enjoy, before letting them pay for their own drinks a certain point into the night.

Whether you're planning a classy drinks reception or a lavish meal, look no further than the courtyard at Bright Courtyard Club. Covered by a glass roof, it's the ideal place to soak in the sun during the day or gaze at stars at night, all while enjoying fantastic food, drink and company!

Private dining

If you're planning a private dinner, minimum spend venues are a great option. You'll get to benefit from the privacy of a private dining room without having to fork out for it from your own pocket! One of our favourite private dining rooms available on a minimum spend basis is the Palm Rooms at Aviary. This impressive space even has its own private roof terrace with stunning views of the London skyline.

Wedding receptions

Minimum spend wedding venues are becoming an increasingly popular option for couples looking to cut costs on their big day. With plenty of wedding packages available, you can find a minimum spend venue that offers everything you need. The Bar is the perfect minimum spend option for a wedding reception. Classy and elegant, it's set up perfectly for an intimate and memorable wedding breakfast in the heart of Mayfair.

Tips for making the most of London minimum spend venues

Now that you know all about popular minimum spend venues, here are a few top tips to help you make the most of them.

  • Get quotes from multiple minimum spend venues in London to compare prices and find the best deal for your event.
  • Ask the venue if they offer any discounts for booking early, or for events taking place during quieter times of the week or year.
  • Minimum spend venues can be a great option for last-minute bookings, as they're often more flexible than other types of venue.
  • Make sure you understand exactly what's included in the minimum spend, and what will cost extra.
  • If the minimum spend won't cover all aspects of your event, you may need to look for additional suppliers to help with things like catering or branding.

How to find the best minimum spend venues in London

Ready to find the best minimum spend venues for your needs in London? Luckily, it won't be hard. You can either browse our popular minimum spend venues above, or use our dedicated search tool. Digging out the venue that fits your requirements exactly has never been easier, thanks to our handy filters that let you sort through venues that match your budget, capacity and more.

Once you've found the venue you've been searching for, just get in touch with them via their profile on Hire Space and voila! You're well on your way to hosting a cost-effective event in your perfect venue.

Minimum Spend Venues in LondonFind all Minimum Spend Venues in London

About Minimum Spend Venues in London

Minimum Spend venues are a secret weapon for anyone wanting to host a quality event on a budget. So what is a Minimum Spend, I hear you ask? Booking a venue with a minimum spend means that you won’t have to pay a fee just for using the space. Most venues will charge a room hire of venue hire fee. But a minimum spend guarantees you private use of the space, as long as your guests spend a certain amount on food and beverage. So, if the minimum spend is £1500, for example, one hundred guests would only have to spend £15 each, meaning you won't have to foot the bill yourself.

If there was ever an excuse to get everyone’s round, this is it! But it’s not just your typical bar and restaurant that offer minimum spends, many hotel function rooms and event spaces can offer minimum spends or combined room hire and minimum spend in order to keep upfront costs down. All you have to do is pick a venue, gather a load of friends, and you can hire a venue completely for free!

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