All the answers to the questions asked most often for the Virtual Experience Marketplace. If you have any further questions you can get in touch via marketplace@hirespace.com.

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Customer Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to create a profile in order to book an experience?

Yes. It is very simple and only requires you to verify your email. Once verified, you are free to browse and book through the marketplace. You can sign up here.


How do I request to book a listing?

Click into the listing that you wish to book and fill out the booking request form on the right side of the page. You will be taken through to a page to fill out your payment details (don't worry you won't be charged yet) after which you can message the supplier with any questions you may want to resolve before confirming the booking. Once the supplier has approved your request, you will receive a booking confirmation email and they will be in touch to make the arrangements.


Will my card be charged when I request to book?

No, the payment will only be taken when the booking is confirmed. We take the card details to reserve your event request and it will only be charged once the supplier confirms the availability and has answered any queries you may have.


How do I check the status of my booking request?

Please refer to your booking request page which can be found via your account inbox. Just select the relevant conversation from the list and the status of the booking request can be found on the booking timeline along the top of the page or indicated via the activity feed. You may always contact the host through this page if you have any questions or requests.


How do I message a virtual event host?

Click on the listing that you are interested in hearing more about and click ‘Get In Touch’ on the right of the page. This will take you to a chat system for you to have a conversation with each supplier. If you wish to make a booking request after speaking with the supplier, just return to the experience listing and complete the 'Request to book' form on the right of the page.


Do the prices displayed include VAT?

Yes, all listed prices include 20% VAT


I have more questions before I request to book, what do I do?

Click on the listing that you are interested in hearing more about and click ‘Get In Touch’ on the right of the page. This will take you to a chat system for you to have a conversation with each supplier. If you wish to make a booking request after speaking with the supplier, just return to the experience listing and complete the 'Request to book' form on the right of the page.


Why do I have to input my bank details in the request to book?

To reserve your booking request we confirm your card details in order to make the platform efficient and secure. No payment will be taken until the supplier has confirmed availability and answered your queries.


Can I pay by raising a PO/ BACS transfer, rather than using my credit card details?

At the moment this is not possible, but we are working on making the payment system more flexible and will update when this functionality is available.


Can I search by filtering what I am looking for?

Of course, there is an option of filtering your search within each category at the top left. You can filter by a variety of factors including keywords, date of listing and price.


Are my card details stored on the platform?

You will be given a choice whether to save your card details when booking your first event. If you select yes then ‘Stripe’ will store these for next time in their secure system, making your next booking quicker with pre-filled information. 


The event date I wanted is not working?

This means that your host is booked up on this date. You can either message the host for alternative dates/times or select an alternative date in the marketplace if you are flexible.


Can I book more than one listing?

Yes of course you may book again with as many suppliers as you like.

Supplier Frequently Asked Questions


How do I create a listing for an experience I would like to offer?

It's a simple process and should only take minutes to list your experience. First, you need to create an account for the marketplace (and don't forget to verify your email before proceeding). You can then click the '+ Add your Virtual Experience' button on the navigation bar and fill in all the details. Your listing will need to be verified and your subscription setup before it can be taken live so email marketplace@hirespace.com to start this process.


Can I list more than one experience?

Of course, there is no limit to the number of listings you can create per account. However, each listing is subject to the subscription fee.


Why should I list on the marketplace?

The marketplace is an efficient booking system for your virtual offerings. You will have a dedicated account with as many listings as you wish to showcase. You will benefit from having an audience of around 2 million visitors per year with a growing engaged audience for virtual events. We have ensured a hassle free instant booking service, to which you have flexibility to tweak and change at any time.


What type of experiences can I post?

You may list any experience that you are happy for clients to book and that fit within our 6 category pages. Please title your experience as clearly as possible, i.e. 'Bingo' rather than your company name. Please ensure that you do not include any restricted content, such as inappropriate wording, images, and any links to your company, i.e. website address, email etc.


What categories of virtual events are available to list under? 

We have 6 main categories for our virtual experiences that we believe cover the bulk of experiences available, including:


I would like to add some video to my profile, do I upload the video files or YouTube / Vimeo links?

You may upload either YouTube or Vimeo links when editing your profile, as part of the photo editing section.


Longer term are you planning on keeping the marketplace even when normality, whatever that may be, kicks in?

Yes, we see virtual events as more of a permanent part of our industry, working alongside and as alternative options to live events.


Which dates will the monthly subscription run from and to?

When you have created your account and built your listings, you will fill out your subscription. Your subscription will start at this point and will roll over automatically every month.


Which photos should I upload?

Choose your top images to best showcase your Virtual Experience. Only use high quality images. The better the images, the more interest and enquiries this will bring. Ensure that the first image you insert is as close to 1600 x 900 as possible. This will be displayed as the thumbnail, and header image of your listing. The header image will crop out the top & bottom quarter when viewed within the listing, so avoid text that may fall here.


Why is it important for me to add a profile picture?

It creates a more personal listing, allows customers to put a face to the name and makes it a friendly space in order to open up conversations. You can add your profile picture here.


Which dates should I list?

Only blank-out dates that are fully booked. Leave any date available, even if you only have one time within that date available, as the booking will not be made until approved by yourself.


How do I update my availability?

You can edit your availability under the specific listing on your account. Just go to your listings when logged in and select the listing that you wish to update the availability for. There will be a banner along the top which specifies this is your own listing and on the right a link to 'Edit listing'. Go to the availability tab where you can update as required.


Does payment go directly to me?

We use Stripe to collect and send clients payments to you. You will receive funds for a booked event 7 days after the confirmed booking date into the account that you have registered on the marketplace with

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