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Hire Space has launched a CPD Certified Safer Events accreditation and regularly updated White Paper, for venues and event organisers, to safely plan in-person events in the UK when the government guidelines allow.

Read on to find out how you can give your delegates the confidence to retun to in-person events.

Safer Events

What makes a safer event?

We've looked at the latest government and scientific advice, as well as measures that countries who are already out of lockdown have taken, to come up with a comprehensive set of requirements to significantly reduce the risk of transmission at an event. These include:

tickDelegate Screening

Temperature checks or declaration of health upon entry

tickStaff Training & Policy

Sick leave, staff screening and social distancing in staff areas

tickSocial Distancing

4 square metres of space per person, no fixed seats within 2 metres, touchless handwashing

tickFood & Beverage

Rigorous food hygiene standards, no self-service, 2m distancing or barriers where masks are removed


Masks to be available and worn during the event. Gloves for staff.

tickSterilisation & Cleaning

Venues to be thoroughly cleaned between and during events

tickMake it Hybrid

The event should be made accessible online for those who are not able to attend


Keep your event safe and secure by balancing security risks with health concerns

How do I organise safer events?

If you're an event organiser, then we can help provide comprehensive CPD Certified online training so that you can lead your own Safer Events, and inspire confidence with your delegates.

This training covers everything you may need from delegate screening, to social distancing, to PPE, cleaning, and hybrid virtual/in-person event provision.

Is has been built in careful collaboration with event planners, venues and delegates, while also exceeding all existing government guidelines and taking onboard learnings from countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore.

How to make your event safe 

Download the Safer Events Whitepaper

We've compiled all the research and government advice in a single document which outlines how you can manage the risk of COVID-19 in organised meetings and events:

 Read about the measures to make an organised event safe

 See the research and data behind these measures

 Find out how to certify your event or venue as safe

 Stay informed as guidelines change with regular email updates

Download the white paper 

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