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Area Manchester

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  • From £2000
  • 400 people
  • Picadilly Train Station
  • 93m² (1000ft²)

Spaces in Area Manchester

400 Reception

Main Floor

From From £5,000.00 / Venue Fee

Our main floor is perfect for large gatherings, with a full sound and light rig, extensive bar capabilities and a mezzanine floor. We also offer coat-check facilities, have large LED displays with ChromeCasting available for graphics, presentations or private screenings, and a large open space perfect for dances or seated events.

150 Reception

Basement Floor

From From £2,000.00 / Venue Fee

Our basement floor is equipped to the same high standard as our main floor, with a full DJ set-up and lighting system, as well as a compact bar. We offer flexibilty with sitting or standing configurations so are ideal for hosting parties, dances and receptions, as well as dressing rooms for entertainers and dancers.

About Area Manchester

Our venue offers multi-floor opportunties, with state-of-the-art sound and light systems, seating availability, open floor space and two bars. Primarily a night-club and party space, Area is equipped to host anything from birthday parties to product launches, conference calls to bar mitzvahs.

This venue has two floors, with the large open main floor being perfect for high-volume events and a basement floor equiped for smaller, personal gathering. Full venue hire is also available. We also have a mezzanine floor, with views over the main room, fitted with seating booths and LED dance floor.

Area Manchester

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