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  • From £250
  • 100 people
  • Unknown
  • 80m² (861ft²)

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Basement Level - image
80 Standing

Basement Level

From From £3,000.00 / Minimum Spend

Basement Level at Casa Vertigo is a versatile space that has been featured in the film 'Saw'. This atmospheric space is ideal for hosting immersive events, film screenings, or themed parties. With its unique ambiance, Basement Level offers event organizers the opportunity to create memorable experiences for their guests. The space is perfect for horror-themed events, movie nights, or interactive experiences. Featuring a dark and mysterious setting, Basement Level sets the stage for unforgettable gatherings.

10 Boardroom

Groom's Room

From From £250.00 / Minimum Spend

The Groom's Room at Casa Vertigo is a cozy and intimate space perfect for small gatherings, meetings, or intimate events. With a capacity of 10 people, it offers a private and exclusive atmosphere for focused discussions or small celebrations. The room is elegantly designed with comfortable seating and ambient lighting, creating a welcoming environment for any occasion.

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100 Standing


From From £2,500.00 / Minimum Spend

The Penthouse at Casa Vertigo is a versatile and elegant space suitable for a variety of events. With its modern design and panoramic views of Los Angeles, it is perfect for corporate meetings, intimate gatherings, cocktail parties, and small weddings. The space offers a sophisticated ambiance and is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to cater to different event needs.

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About Casa Vertigo

Casa Vertigo is a versatile 4-floor venue in the entertainment capital, known for hosting film productions like 'End of Watch' and 'Million Dollar Baby.' Its unique spaces offer a creative environment for movies, TV shows, commercials, and photoshoots.