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Aqua Vista Bistro Bar

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  • From £250
  • 150 people
  • 99m² (1066ft²)

Spaces in Aqua Vista Bistro Bar

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150 Standing


From From £2,500.00 / Minimum Spend

The night_club at AQUA VISTA BISTRO-BAR offers a vibrant and lively space for hosting events, parties, and gatherings. With a bar and restaurant on-site, it provides a perfect setting for social events and celebrations. The night_club ambiance is ideal for those looking to enjoy music, drinks, and dancing in a stylish and modern setting. It is a versatile space suitable for nightlife events, themed parties, and entertainment evenings.

50 Standing

Outdoor Terrace

From From £2,500.00 / Minimum Spend

The Outdoor Terrace at Aqua Vista Bistro Bar offers a sophisticated and picturesque setting by the water, overlooking Brentford Lock. This versatile space is ideal for hosting a variety of events, from intimate gatherings to corporate functions. With a stunning view, tasty food, and a range of drinks including wines, spirits, and cocktails, the Outdoor Terrace provides a memorable experience for guests. Whether it's a casual get-together or a formal event, this space caters to different occasions with its charming ambiance.

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From From £250.00 / Minimum Spend

AQUA VISTA BISTRO-BAR offers a charming and elegant restaurant space suitable for various events and dining experiences. The restaurant provides a picturesque view of Brentford Lock and the water, creating a serene atmosphere for guests. Ideal for hosting intimate gatherings, business meetings, and special occasions, the restaurant exudes a cozy and welcoming ambiance. Guests can enjoy a diverse menu featuring vegetarian options, wine, and cocktails. The venue is wheelchair accessible, ensuring inclusivity for all guests. With a rating of 4.3 and positive reviews highlighting the friendly staff and delicious food, AQUA VISTA BISTRO-BAR's restaurant is a recommended choice for a memorable dining experience.

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About Aqua Vista Bistro Bar

Aqua Vista Bar is a sophisticated bistro bar on the banks of River Brent, offering fresh British cuisine, exceptional cocktails, and a Farm-to-Table concept with organic ingredients. Established in 2010, it provides buffet canapés, arrival drinks, and a waterside dining experience, ideal for events and gatherings. Known for friendly service and locally renowned for its cuisine and cocktails, Aqua Vista Bistro Bar is a popular venue overlooking Brentford Lock, suitable for hosting events and private celebrations.