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Spaces atThe Last Talisman

  • From £100
  • 300 people
  • Bermondsey
  • 0m² (0ft²)
Mala Madre Cocktail Bar

The Last Talisman

Mala Madre Cocktail Bar

From £400 / Minimum Spend | 90 Standing

Welcome to your Mala Madre mirage. The secret jewel of The Last Talisman that is Mala Madre. So sit back, unwind, and let us transport you to a world of beautiful furnishings and flavours, with modern art flown in from across the globe and our very own Russian doll bar-within-a-bar.

The Last Talisman

The Last Talisman

The Last Talisman

From £ | 300 Standing

Whether you're looking for a corner to work in, a private room for a meeting or a section to host drinks - we got you covered!

About The Last Talisman

A magical force of the Last Talisman has come to Bermondsey Street, bringing good fortune in the form of drinks and delicious small plates alongside a sizzling Asian grill. An escape from reality while still feeling like a home away from home. The Last Talisman is set to deliver memorable experiences like no other where guests feel good fortune is on their side while in the magical world of The Last Talisman.

The Last Talisman doesn’t stop just there, imagine discovering an amazing drinking house within an amazing drinking house, discover Mala Madre!

The Last Talisman

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