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Spaces atWenlock and Essex

  • From £500
  • 300 people
  • Angel Station
  • 186m² (2002ft²)
Wenlock Main Room

Wenlock and Essex

Wenlock Main Room

From £750 / Minimum Spend | 300 Standing

The Wenlock's main room doubles as an airy pub in classic woods and leather, and a lounge area with comfortable booths and soft lighting for dining and small gatherings. A large space, the main room can accommodate large parties and gatherings. Ideal for meetings, after-work drinks, or office parties.

Wenlock Club Room

Wenlock and Essex

Wenlock Club Room

From £500 / Minimum Spend | 150 Standing

Wenlock's club room is a separate room that can be hired separately for a completely private event. It comes complete with a light-up dance floor, red velvet booths, playful wall art, and a mirrored ceiling, creating a fun boudoir, speakeasy vibe. Ideal for private parties, office parties, photo shoots, singles events, disco nights, and more.

About Wenlock and Essex

A chameleon of a venue, the Wenlock and Essex boasts three distinct settings to lead you through your night: an open, airy pub with classic leather couches and ample seating to enjoy drinks and delicious pizzas, a cosy lounge with intimate booths, and a classic black and red nightclub area with a disco dance floor, mirrored ceiling and playful wall art, which is available for private functions.

Wenlock and Essex

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