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  • From £150
  • 70 people
  • Rectory Road & hackney downs station overground
  • 60m² (650ft²)

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Daylight / Blackout Video / Photography/Work Shop Studio - space 1 of 3 - image
40 Standing

Daylight / Blackout Video / Photography/Work Shop Studio - space 1 of 3

From From £150.00 / Venue Fee

Indra Studios is a great space to hire or request services of Photography and Video Venue to hire in East London, Hackney Downs Studio space. Minimalist feel with White walls and floors with high ceiling. Perfect for a wide range of photo-shoots, films, music videos, adverts, television shows and you-tube videos. Provided with white multiple backdrops. Located at Hackney downs studios near the park great communal areas. Studio space is versatile to meet your requirements. On site kitchen, disabled toilets, parking,lobby with free wifi and resturant.

70 Standing

Daylight / Blackout Infinity Cove Photography/Video/Events Studio - Space 2 OF 3

From From £225.00 / Venue Fee

Great for Photo and Video Shoots, workshops, pop-ups and even more with a versatile space that can be easily changed and adjusted to suit your requirements. Covid Secure studios. **Only studios in hackney downs studios with large skylight windows with good air ventilation & daylight + blackout controllable options. -Next door wardrobe/green room (ask to add to package)

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About Indra Studios

Indra Studios is a multi-media creative space. Photography / Video/ Events Studios located at Hackney Downs Studios in East London.

Great for versatile uses- photo/video shoots, workshops, events,pop up shops, art exhibitions, workshops, film screenings , live performances plus more just get in touch.

Multiple studios in one building that can be changed to match your requirements. Involved in a large community at hackney downs studios, giving you on site food/drink/ gifts options. With discounts off their services when booking with INDRA STUDIOS LONDON.