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The Calder Theatre Bookshop

The Calder Theatre Bookshop - image 1
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  • From £10 per hour
  • 32 people
  • Southwark station
  • 32m² (344ft²)

Spaces in The Calder Theatre Bookshop

32 Boardroom

Theatre Space

From From £18.00 / Venue Fee

This is a working theatre space with a stage measuring 5m by 2.5m. The auditorium seats can be moved easily to create a larger working area of up to 25 square metres.

15 Classroom

The Basement

From From £18.00 / Venue Fee

This is a basement rehearsal space, quiet, undisturbed and generously lit. There are tables and chairs if needed and wifi access. There is also a piano for hire making it useful as a practice room for musicians or for musical theatre. The ceiling is low though at 7 feet so this is not good for jumping or throwing your hands in the air. There is a huge mirror at one end with a curtain which you can draw if you don't like to bask.

About The Calder Theatre Bookshop

The Calder Theatre Bookshop is centrally located in Waterloo opposite the Young Vic. We have a theatre and a basement with a piano to hire for rehearsals, auditions, castings, practice sessions for musicians, workshops or meetings. We are a 3 minute walk from Waterloo and/or Southwark stations.

NB. We do not hire out our spaces for public performances, only the above.

The Calder Theatre Bookshop

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