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The Peoples Park Tavern

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Venue price From £50 per person
Venue capacity 30 - 200 people

Spaces at The Peoples Park Tavern

Any event can be catered for, whether it be corporate office party, private birthday party, fashion show, photoshoot, wake, quiz, ticketed event- the space is versatile for both day and night events. Large windows allow plenty of light in during the day an huge red velvet curtains close a night- creating an intimate feel.

Venture into the hidden world, a 'Where the Wild Things Are' interpretation with added otherwordly beings and folklore in the mix. Our award winning beer garden has come to life with our magical clear marquee right on the edge of Victoria Park. Its almost like an inside room, but outside. With two sleek looking pillars heating this unique space to temperatures we can only describe as marginally tropic (hence the name we gave it), you would want to be swinging in the jungle in no time. The large space is versatile to adapt to any events needs.

About The Peoples Park Tavern

A real part of Victoria Park, The Peoples Park Tavern already has a justly raved about beer garden (you have to see it at night, it’s magical) even before you take in the acres of grass that its tables look out over.

A proper traditional working class pub, but with the polish and style you’d expect in modern Hackney, it’s fitting that an ale brewery takes centre stage.

A real draw throughout the area for its comedy night, folk music and beer and food.