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Magpie & Stump

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  • From £100 per hour
  • 400 people
  • Thameslink, St Pauls tube
  • 375m² (4036ft²)
Magpie Bar

Magpie & Stump

Magpie Bar

From £100 / Venue Fee | 150 Buffet

Historic City of London pub. A characterful floor with bookable areas for 5-60 people. Central location opposite the Old Bailey. Easy transport links situated next to City Thameslink and close to St. Pauls tube. Easy local parking. Whole venue also available for hire. Free wi-fi.

Old Bailey Bar

Magpie & Stump

Old Bailey Bar

From £100 / Venue Fee | 175 Buffet

Located in Central City, opposite the Old Bailey, the Old Bailey Bar is one of three spaces in Magpie and Stump that are available for hire for a variety of purposes, including business meetings, conferences, seminars, and board meetings. This English Pub is highly adaptable to whatever configuration you may require, including a boardroom or classroom for sixty or a theatre-type arrangement for 100. The venue is convenient to transport, including City Thameslink and St. Paul's tube. The bar offers a selection of ales and wines, as well as hearty British dishes and its own blend of coffee.

Whole venue

Magpie & Stump

Whole venue

From £2500 / Minimum Spend | 400 Buffet

Historic City of London pub with 3 floors. Characterful venue perfect for seminars, team-building events, exams, company presentations, corporate drinks etc. Central City of London location opposite the Old Bailey. Easy transport links: next to City Thameslink and St Pauls tube. Affordable local parking. Refreshments and catering available.

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About Magpie & Stump

Historic City of London pub with 3 floors, late license and central location

Magpie & Stump

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