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The Vaults

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Venue price From £1 per hour
Venue capacity 100 - 1000 people

Spaces at The Vaults

The Vaults Theatre is a 176 capacity permanent theatre space, a great space for a unique conference. The area has it's own bar, lounge area, dressing rooms and it's own giant tunnel corridor entrance so as not to forget you're under Waterloo Station! The prices listed are for hire per day plus staffing.

Generally hired alongside The Little White One, this is the largest space at The Vaults. Perfect for large scale events, dining, gigs and parties. The space is often used as a central hub, with a large arched ceiling, mezzanine level, and easy access to toilets and facilities.

This room is situated alongside the Big Black One and is often used as a breakout room for large events. This space uniquely features Victorian brickwork, but remains clean and dry enough to host long running events and catering. It is often hired alongside Lucy's Room - a small, low ceiling space that can be used for storage as well as additional elements to your event.

This tunnel is weird 70s office space, complete with corrugated walls and, most important, a large mezzanine level. This mezzanine has two sets of stairs, one at either end, and can be seen through if no flooring is put down. This means without flooring it is great for interactive performances where the audience can see through from one space to another, and with flooring can make an excellent breakout space or VIP area.

Our most atmospheric space. Dark, dingy Victorian brickwork that constantly rumbles with the trains overhead, or perhaps something more sinister. Perfect for anything that requires a real feel of the Underground, from parties to installations. However it is damp - worth considering regarding artwork/costumes/tech etc.

An atmospheric, Victorian brickwork tunnel with small dimensions. This means a high impact effect when putting in pop-ups or installations, or adding a more risque element to a large event.

The Vaults Kitchen is a dual-level pop-up space with it's own entrance off of the famous Leake Street graffiti tunnel. This space is available for dry hire, or for private parties as part of our current event. Contact us or check our website to find out what is on. Christmas parties for under 120 people are available in this space.

About The Vaults

Located in the underground world of Waterloo Station, The Vaults is a new mutli-disciplinary space featuring nearly 30,000 SqFt of accessible and flexible Victorian brickwork combined with abandoned 70s office space. It boasts 9 different arches to choose from and is fully licensed. The Vaults is a place for the bold and unusual. It has been used for fashion shows, dances, performances and more. Come in to the dark and let the interesting and unique atmosphere of the Vaults underground maze of tunnel trap you for the night.