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The Queen's Hall

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  • From £100 per hour
  • 1000 people
  • Unknown
  • 793m² (8536ft²)

Spaces in The Queen's Hall

Auditorium - image
1000 Reception


From From £750.00 / Venue Fee

The Auditorium at The Queen's Hall is a spacious and versatile space that can accommodate a maximum of 900 people standing and up to 800 seated, depending on the layout and sightlines. It is suitable for a wide range of events, including classical recitals, traditional music, rock and pop gigs, choral concerts, comedy, and spoken word performances. The space offers three different layouts: cabaret-style tables, standing, and formal seating for classical concerts. With its fantastic acoustics and intimate feel, the Auditorium is beloved by musicians and audiences alike. It has been praised for its exquisite sound and unique atmosphere, making it one of the most magical places to perform. The Auditorium is an ideal choice for event organizers looking for a versatile and acoustically impressive space.

300 Standing


From From £200.00 / Venue Fee

Gallery is a versatile space suitable for a variety of events, meetings, and gatherings. With flexible seating options, it can accommodate different types of setups, making it ideal for workshops, seminars, small conferences, and networking events. The space is well-equipped with modern facilities and offers a comfortable and professional environment for business meetings and corporate events. Additionally, the Gallery is a great choice for art exhibitions, pop-up events, and screenings, providing a unique and creative atmosphere for guests. Whether it's a business function or a social gathering, Gallery offers a welcoming and adaptable space for a wide range of occasions.

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150 Reception

Box Office

From From £100.00 / Venue Fee

Box Office is a versatile space suitable for a wide range of events, meetings, and gatherings. With a convenient location at 85-89 Clerk St in Edinburgh, Box Office offers a comfortable and professional environment for business meetings, workshops, seminars, and training sessions. The space is also ideal for hosting small-scale events, receptions, and networking sessions. The modern facilities and amenities available at Box Office make it an excellent choice for event organizers looking for a well-equipped and adaptable space.

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Ground Floor Seating

From From £1,500.00 / Minimum Spend

The Ground Floor Seating at The Queen's Hall is a unique auditorium with some seats having restricted views, but still offering wonderful sound. The seating plans include different set-ups for various event requirements, and specific plans are available when booking tickets. The general seating plans provide a better idea of the layout for first-time visitors. The ground floor seating plan includes rows and cabaret tables, catering to different seating preferences. It is important to note that when booking multiple seats in the side stalls, all numbers should start with the same letter to avoid booking seats in front and behind each other rather than side-by-side. The space is suitable for events, performances, and other gatherings, offering a unique and historic setting for a memorable experience.

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About The Queen's Hall

Former chapel, now a 900 capacity venue for classical and jazz concerts and occasional rock gigs. The Queen's Hall is a versatile and historic venue located in Edinburgh, EH8 9JG. The venue offers a range of spaces suitable for events, meetings, and performances. The Box Office opens 90 minutes before a show, and the doors to the venue foyer and bar open one hour before the show. The auditorium doors open around 30 minutes before the event. The Box Office is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 2pm and on show nights. The venue encourages the use of e-tickets and offers options for ticket collection and delivery. Unreserved shows are sold as standing, but seating is available in the bar area and gallery. The venue accepts both card and cash payments and has nearby cash machines. It also allows on-the-door ticket purchases and guest checkouts on the website. The Queen's Hall is a licensed venue and does not allow outside alcohol. Photography and videography policies vary by event, and professional photographers require approval. The venue is an independent charity and welcomes donations. For event hire inquiries, contact The Queen's Hall is committed to providing a safe and respectful environment for all attendees. It does not permit vaping on the premises and has strict policies against disruptive behavior. The venue is supported by a Board of Trustees and relies on bar and hire income for its operations. It does not receive regular funding and appreciates donations. The Queen's Hall is a significant cultural landmark in Edinburgh and a valuable space for a wide range of events and gatherings.