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The Jazz Bar

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  • From £1
  • 120 people
  • Waverly Station
  • 69m² (743ft²)

Spaces in The Jazz Bar

100 Standing

Live Music Stage

From From £2,000.00 / Minimum Spend

The Live Music Stage at The Jazz Bar is a vibrant and bustling space known for its diverse lineup of live music performances. It hosts jazz, blues, funk, soul, and more, creating a lively and energetic atmosphere for events. The stage is ideal for hosting live music gigs, jam sessions, showcases, and late-night funk bands. With a strong reputation for its music scene, the Live Music Stage is a popular choice for music enthusiasts and event organizers looking for an authentic and dynamic live music experience.

100 Standing

Main Bar Area

From From £1,500.00 / Minimum Spend

The Main Bar Area at The Jazz Bar is a vibrant and bustling space known for its diverse lineup of live music, featuring jazz, blues, funk, soul, and more. The venue offers a vibrant atmosphere and year-round gigs with no advance ticketing or reserved seating. It's a bustling basement bar offering cocktails and live music, typically hosting guests for 1-3 hours. The space is suitable for hosting events, live music performances, jam sessions, and late-night bands. The cozy ambiance and great cocktails make it ideal for group gatherings and social events.

About The Jazz Bar

The Jazz Bar is an atmospheric basement venue located in Edinburgh with a capacity of 140. It offers live jazz, acoustic music, and cocktails to a diverse audience. The music includes jazz, acoustic, blues, roots, funk, soul, and electric, providing constant variety. The bar service offers a range of drinks, and the venue operates every day of the year, apart from Christmas Day, hosting over 1,300 gigs annually. The venue also features a collage of photos of famous jazz musicians and offers free WiFi. The Jazz Bar is a vibrant and diverse venue suitable for a wide range of events and gatherings. It is a locally owned sports bar with private caves, private projectors for sporting events, race nights, and corporate meetings. World beers are available, and there are special deals for midweek bookings.

The Jazz Bar

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