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Village Hotel - Edinburgh

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  • From £25 per person
  • 400 people
  • Haymarket train station
  • 105m² (1130ft²)

Spaces in Village Hotel - Edinburgh

150 Standing

Event Spaces

From From £200.00 / Venue Fee

Event Spaces at Village Hotel Edinburgh is a versatile and stylish venue suitable for a wide range of events and meetings. With a convenient location in the north of the city, it offers a cool pool, a huge gym, a buzzing Pub & Grill, and a Starbucks Coffee Shop, providing everything needed for a successful event. The space is ideal for business meetings, corporate events, private parties, weddings, and celebrations. With facilities like a cool pool, huge gym, and a variety of dining options, Event Spaces is designed to cater to the needs of event organizers and their guests.

120 Reception

Meeting Rooms

From From £100.00 / Venue Fee

The Meeting Rooms at Village Hotel Edinburgh offer a stylish and contemporary space for a variety of events and meetings. With modern facilities and a vibrant atmosphere, it is an ideal venue for business meetings, corporate events, private parties, and celebrations. The Meeting Rooms provide a professional setting for workshops, seminars, and training sessions, as well as a versatile space for social gatherings and networking events. The convenient location and range of amenities make it a popular choice for event organizers looking for a well-equipped and flexible venue.

About Village Hotel - Edinburgh

Steel-&-glass hotel offering contemporary rooms, a relaxed bistro, a fitness centre & a day spa. Village Hotel Edinburgh is a stylish and vibrant hotel located in the north of the city. The hotel offers a range of facilities including a cool pool, huge gym, buzzing Pub & Grill, and a Starbucks Coffee Shop. With attractions like the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh Zoo, and Murrayfield Stadium nearby, it's an ideal spot for families and visitors looking to explore the city. The hotel provides family-friendly accommodation with large family rooms and leisure facilities, including an indoor swimming pool. For event organizers, the hotel offers private meeting and event rooms, making it a great choice for business meetings, private parties, weddings, and other celebrations. With everything under one roof, including a stylish business accommodation and vibrant space to work and meet, Village Hotel Edinburgh offers the perfect work-life balance for business travelers. The hotel also provides accessible facilities for all guests, ensuring a comfortable and inclusive experience for everyone. Business means everything. At Village we appreciate you have a virtual tick-list for everything you need to do your business. You need a flexible space with a fully stocked conference cafe, a relaxing breakout area and everything at hand. We have a room or suite for any need, whether meeting, conference, bespoke event for product launches, banqueting dinners, drinks reception, weddings or any celebrations, we are here to help.

Village Hotel - Edinburgh

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