Glass Room

Paddington Works

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  • From £48
  • 8 Boardroom
  • Paddington
  • From £48
  • 8 Boardroom
  • Paddington

Space description

Enjoy the feeling of being in a vibrant creative space whilst maintaining privacy with our state-of-the-art switchable glass. Equipped with magnetic mind-mapping board and dedicated WiFi.


  • Remote-controlled privacy glass windows
  • Whiteboard
  • WIFI
  • Air conditioning
  • Air purifier
  • Circadian lighting
  • Free tea, coffee and filtered water

More about Paddington Works

Events, co-working & production studios.

Located 5 minutes walk from Paddington Station.

Our purpose is to provide stimulating member experiences and events that promote commercial growth and human well-being, offering a health-conscious environment that encourages productivity. Everything is bespoke and designed for versatility.