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Virtual Poker Masterclass

Poker and Christmas pudding - a match made in an unlikely casino, but it's your house, your rules!

Virtual Poker Masterclass


2 x 1 hour sessions
From £500 + VAT
5 to 100 people
Lead time
2 days lead


Christmas is all about pretending you love the socks you've got in secret santa, which is why this Poker session is the perfect activity! You'll learn from an expert in the game, before taking on your fellow guests in a straight-faced match of 'elf-control'!

What's included?

  • Tuition in Poker from experts
  • virtual game set-up
  • virtual game of Poker

Price breakdown

Price per session

Flat fee £500 to £650 (1 or 2 tables)


Additional costs

Shorter lead times than 2 days will incur additional fees

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