Introducing the 2021 'lift off' virtual event series

Want to keep your team engaged as we head into the new year? Lift Off is a series of three virtual events guaranteed to get 2021 off to a flying start for your company.

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Kick Off 2021 with a Bang

We've curated a selection of three events, designed to inform, inspire, celebrate, motivate and spark conversation to chase the January blues away and drive up team engagement. Take your pick of these four events for the perfect way to engage your team virtually and to keep the buzz going as we look ahead to life after lockdown.

Boost Your Team's Morale
Providing endless benefits including job satisfaction, general feelings of wellbeing & job security, and increased motivation.
Collaborate & Communicate
Through listening to and learning from team members, you can help each other reach your organisational goals.
Foster Creativity & Learning
Teams that think creatively and outside the box, are more likely to come up with unique and innovative solutions to obstacles they encounter.
Motivate & Inspire Your Team
Motivation is key to attracting talent, retaining employees and maintaining a high level of productivity in any organisation.

January Lifter

Launch 2021 in style with the ultimate, fun virtual get-together. Guaranteed to chase the January blues away and drive up team engagement.

  • Navigate a fully branded company map
  • 15-minute talk from a Happiness Expert
  • "Complimentary Drinks" on hand to dish out positive vibes 
  • Hosted team building activity to get your team collaborating
  • Private virtual fireplace and/or sauna

Pricing: £300 + £19 pp


National Pizza Day Celebration

Treat your team to a virtual deep dive into the world’s most popular food, in celebration of National Pizza Day!

  • A brief history of pizza with a Pizza evangelist
  • Action-packed pizza-themed quiz to encourage team building
  • Learn how to make Italian pizza with an experienced chef
  • Eat, drink and be merry with your team!

Pricing: £300 + £19 pp


International Women’s Day Celebration

Celebrate International Women's Day with a collaborative, interactive experience designed to inform and inspire your team.

  • Fully branded virtual events platform 
  • Talk from an expert
  • Facilitated Q&A 
  • Live polling and chat features
  • Interactive themed sessions

Pricing: £300 + £19 pp


Save £££ with Hire Space Professional

Hire Space Professional is everything the modern event planner needs to create memorable events, in-person and online. Our annual subscription packages include a range of team building & social activities as well as many other benefits:

broadcast wht-01
Virtual & Hybrid Big savings and impartial advice for all your virtual and hybrid events
Flexible Talent Priority on-demand access and discounts for world-class event talent
Strategic Reporting
Strategic Insight Actionable insights and reporting on event spend and ROI.
Venue Sourcing
Venue Sourcing Find your ideal venue from a comprehensive global database
Safer Events Free CPD Certified COVID safety training for your team.
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Digitised Processes Save hours of valuable time with digital proposals, one-click online purchasing, live availability checks
Consolidated Billing
Consolidated Billing Save time spent setting up new suppliers for each event with consolidated billing.
Personal Development
Personal Development Free access to resources to learn, develop, and get connected in the events world
Who knew you could have so much fun with everyone when you are not actually together!
Very innovative well produced event. The team were very helpful and nothing seemed too much of a challenge for them
I didn’t think you could have so much fun in a virtual forum!

Frequently asked questions

Close question Do I have to do all four events?

Not at all, we put together this series as a way to inspire & engage your team. You can pick and choose what you like, but with our annual savings plan you can get two for free!

Close question Can I swap out one of the events for a different experience?

All of these are customisable of course, but any changes may come at an extra cost. Get in touch with one of our Virtual Event Experts and they can help you find the perfect experience to suit your team.

Close question What are your lead times for the event series?

We recommend at least 2 weeks lead time for planning the virtual event series.

Close question How much should I budget for a virtual event?

For all of these event series there is a flat fee to set up the event and then a cost per person attending. There are additional add ons for food and beverage for some of the events so we recommend speaking to a virtual event expert to know exactly how much you should budget.


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